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Samui Sterilizing Project

We want to sterilize as much as possible!

We desperately need to expand our current program of monthly pop-up events, by adding cats only events, more Spay-a-thons and resuming our CNVR project focusing on hard to catch dogs.

We will be developing a mobile operation with the ability to set up and run sterilizing at locations where animals are.

You can support us in bringing this project to fruition by making a ONE OFF donation towards the purchasing of essential supplies.

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We have over 1,000 followers on our social media channels.
If all of our followers subscribed for just FIVE DOLLARS per week, we would have a guaranteed monthly cash flow of $20,000AUD.
Which is enough to pay for the monthly ongoing costs of running BOTH the Samui CNVR program & the Bali Street Sterilizing program.

Five dollars a week isn’t a lot of money, even during these difficult and uncertain times, you get to know that your money is making a REAL difference to the lives of animals in South East Asia.

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Buy our digital Cookbook now! 50 amazing recipes

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I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan

Rob’s Dogs has it’s very own Vegan E-Cookbook!

The book contains 50 easy & delicious recipes, with no crazy ingredients.

  • Full color photos
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Active menu links – takes you straight to the recipe you want
  • Lots of classic recipes – redone in a compassionate manner
  • 100% delicious

ALL the money from sales of the book goes directly to the Samui CNVR Facility!

This book is great for Vegans, Vegetarians and anyone thinking of trying a plant based diet.

Welcome to Rob’s Dogs

Rob’s Dogs is a small not-for-profit animal organization.

Unofficially founded in 2013, we formalized our work in 2017 by setting up Rob’s Dogs. We have rehabilitated, rescued and cared for many animals in need, helped out various welfare groups in need of support and fundraised to pay for sterilizations and medical care for street dogs.

Rob’s Dogs has a primary area of focus in the distribution of funds to groups working to rehabilitate abandoned, sick/injured animals that are either mistreated/abused or abandoned/homeless, including emergency medical care and performing free sterilizations for street dogs around the world.

Some of our other areas of focus are working to persevere the precious Bali Heritage Dog by lobbying to have the breed recognized as an official breed. Population control through sterilization not elimination. Facilitation of overseas adoptions and education of Balinese community on how special the Bali dog is. Commiting to the Zero waste movement an making Rob’s Dogs environmental impact as low as possible, including beach cleaning, recycling programs and upcycling projects and products, we aim to have a zero waste/upcycling section of our online store.  Running ongoing education posts on the importance of animal welfare in all matters including our lifestyles, diet and entertainment.

You can read more about our work

Rob’s Dogs is funded primarily from the proceeds of Rob’s estate, with additional donations from individuals. Our website runs a merchandise store where 100% of profits from the sale of products goes towards continuing our work.

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With current funds limited to the assets of Robs’ estate we plan that Rob’s Dogs will be self supporting through merchandise sales primarily. We are have Australian Not-for-profit status. including DGR status,  meaning donations made to Rob’s Dogs are tax deductible in Australia.    Through our funding we aim to relive the suffering and abuse of abandoned animals  all over the world.

Read our Annual Reports.

Rob’s Dogs also supports small groups with administration, fundraising, donation, volunteers and design support. You can read more about what medical donations groups can use HERE.

You can read about volunteering opportunities HERE. If you are interested in helping us fundraise, you can read more about that HERE.

100% of any donations made to Rob’s Dogs go towards improving the lives of animals all over the world. You can even specify which group you would like to support with your donation.

You can keep up with Rob’s Dogs by checking out our News page, or by following us on the social media of your choice.

Our News page features our monthly updates, covering donations received and what we did with the funds, we aim to be fully transparent with all our financial reporting.

Stories about abandoned animals we have helped to rehabilitate from sickness or injury.

Stories about sterilization events, where the event occurred, how many dogs were sterilized and the impact on the community.

Take a look around and get a better feel of what we are all about. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

Robs’ Dogs Foundation is a DGR Registered Australian Charity.
ABN: 48 630 436 378
View our listing here: Rob’s Dogs ATO

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