Rebecca Cain – Full time Volunteer (self funded)
Robs Dogs Administration & Samui Sterilization Program

I inadvertently started Rob’s Dogs in 2013 when I first visited Bali – I was deeply disturbed by the neglect and abuse of dogs in Bali. I went back later that year after I lost my job. I met a lady running a dog charity and she talked me into moving to Bali to help her with her charity. So in early 2014 I moved to Bali, initially I was only go to stay in Bali for 3 months, next thing I knew I had been there for over 2 years! It was during my time in Bali that I realized that the root of all the problems was unwanted dogs – if we could sterilize more dogs, then less dogs would be born to suffer lives of neglect on the streets. I focused most of  my time and energy in Bali developing a sterilizing program for the charity I was volunteering at.

In mid 2016 Moe (my Bali rescue dog – pictured) and I moved to Koh Samui in Thailand. Here I met a Russian Vet & her boyfriend who had started their own small group on Koh Samui, their main focus was the rehabilitation of sick/injured abandoned/homeless dogs, with a big focus on sterilizing! I joined with then and got some hands on experience in actually performing various veterinary procedures including amputations and sterilizations.

In 2018 I was finishing an advanced study major in grief and loss, and I realized that I was still mourning Rob, I figured that I needed a way to honor him in my life without letting the grief consume my life, thus Rob’s Dogs was born. We started out just working with dogs and focusing only on sterilizing, but it keeps on growing and now we work with lots of different kinds of animals and don’t just focus on sterilizing. For me sterilizing remains my passion and focus, I dream of a world where dogs and cats don’t need to go into shelters because their population has been managed through sterilization. Sterilization prevents needless suffering and gives dogs a much healthier and happier life.

I look after most of the day to day admin for Rob’s Dogs and run the Samui sterilizing program.

Heather Barry  – Part time Volunteer

Basically I just love animals and birds.  I’ve spent many hours in the company of cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horses, pigs, dolphins, birds … and the list goes on ….and I love their personalities, their varieties and their quirks.

The idea of any of these creatures suffering due to neglect or lack of empathy for the trust that they put in us and the situations we create for them, is the reason behind my joining Rob’s Dogs.  At this stage I am slave to a single cat when I’m at home, as I’m still working full time, but my life’s aim is to ease suffering wherever I can, by whatever means I have at my disposal.

One of these days I will live my ideal life, travelling to visit the beautiful places that are still left in this world and educating people on how to understand and care for the creatures that inhabit their communities.

Steffi Day –  Part time Volunteer
Sawan Maa Liaison & Compassion Fatigue Program

I  have grown up with horses, I am extremely passionate about all of my equine friends. I came across a technique called “Join Up” Horse Whispering and I often use this to  help some traumatised or difficult horses when I lived in the UK. I became involved with Sawan Maa only a few months ago but fell in love with all the ponies who have been rescued. I soon realised that the owner of the Sanctuary was pretty much supporting the running costs from her own business, so as a Volunteer of Robs Dogs, I decided that some serious fundraising and public awareness of this very special Jungle Sanctuary needed to be put in place. I have now moved closer to the Sanctuary and I help out physically as much as I can. However, the team came to the conclusion that talking to people, raising funds, getting the community involved and trying to take the financial pressure off Sabrina was my special skill and so I became “The PR Slave”.

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