FANTA  The Forgotten Kitty

Our Founder shares how this ginger girl came into her life:

I had lost my beloved fluffy ginger cat (left hand photo) Tony around 6 months previously. I don’t seem to have much luck with cats – and after each one leaves my life I vow never to get another one. Tony had mooched his way into my life after i had lost my Bali cat Sunny – Sunny had moved from Bali to Thailand with me & Moe, but disappeared from boarding while I was away on a visa trip. Sunny I found as a tiny kitty, weak, malnourished and with a belly for of worms, I nursed him to full health. Moe loved him and so did I. After losing him I said “That’s it – no more cats.”   I was helping Pariah Dog with their sterilizing program and they were caring for a big fluffy ginger cat who was missing half his face. Turned out he had a vicious case of ears mites that caused him so much distress that he has ripped half his face off trying to scratch the ear mites. He was super affectionate and always made a big deal of me anytime I was there for sterilizing. But I told him: “You can’t come home with me, I am not having any cats.” He did not give up and kept making a big fuss over me anytime I was there.  l could not get this big ginger cat out of my mind – anytime I tried to  meditate I would see him, and I just a had s really strong feeling that I needed to take him in. I asked the staff from Pariah if I could adopt him and they were over the moon that I had chosen to take him. Tony used to disappear for long walks all the time, he could be gone for days, I thought so many times that he was gone and not coming back – but he always did – until one day he didn’t.  I looked all over for him for weeks and months but there was no sign of Tony anywhere. I was distraught – that was it, absolutely no more cats!
Moe and I got on with things – always with a big ginger vat shaped hole in our hearts. I was doing really well with the no cats policy till we discovered a mouse in the kitchen. This mouse was super smart – would eat the food out of the humane trap without setting the trap off – he was loud and annoying – getting into all our food. I told him he could stay but he had to stop with the midnight parties and pooping in all our food. He would not. I know that mice don’t like the smell of cats so I thought maybe just get another cat? At the very least it will scare off the mouse. I had been working on making the cat house at Pariah Dog a bit more funky and fun fir the cats & had my eye on a little black cat that lived there. I know black cats are always least likely to be adopted, the curse of the back cat. So I decided I would adopt this little black cat. I spoke to the staff at Pariah and they agreed I could adopt another cat – I went up there with my cat box, and sat down, I decided I wouldn’t force myself on the little black cat – that I would leave the box open on the floor and which ever cat got in voluntarily – that would be my new cat.
the little black wouldn’t even come near me, but this ginger cat came over & gt right in the box! At that time I thought it was a male cat – as I had heard somewhere that ginger cats are always male, but Stefan seemed to think it was a girl – I decided to call it Fanta as it was orange and Fanta could work for boy or girl. We received confirmation from the Pariah vet a few days later that Fanta was indeed a female. She had been in the cat house since she was a baby – one of the workers building the cat house brought her there very early on. She had always been overlooked for adoption till that day. Did she know what she was doing? Did she think – this is my chance to go live in a real home? I don’t know – I do know she was very institutionalized, and its taken a long time for her to trust me and even be affectionate with me, but I know she feels happy and safe at our house. She doesn’t like leaving the house at all, and can always be found on the back balcony.

She is not the most affectionate cat in the world – but shes very loving in her own way. She and Moe do not get along, but the have agreed on letting each other have their own space. She seems very happy with us.

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