One of our volunteer directors in Australia shares how she came to adopt Pepe:

When I first saw Pepe, she was a disinterested Mum of two.  She was aloof, and seemed to be very self-sufficient.  In fact, she wouldn’t come anywhere near me.

She was at her foster home, after having been rescued from a hoarder, and although she was being lavished with care and love, she just didn’t seem to care.

I thought she would be a perfect fit for me, being a somewhat independent soul myself.


Twelve months later, you wouldn’t believe she was the same cat.  She’s a constant talker.  She loves a play (she’s rediscovered her inner kitten).  Most importantly, the cat that no-one had ever heard purr, is the same one that falls asleep, purring crazily in my arms every night after having presented me with one of her toys.  She’s also into meditation, and will sit on me in my cross-legged pose every morning.  She is my very best mate – and a constant source of entertainment.  Thanks again to Purrs of Point Cook for saving her for me.

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