Sabrina is a solo rescuer running Koh Phangan Animal Lovers, she is fully self funded in this work by doing pet transportation and contributing proceeds from sales in her health food shop.

Last year she was living on Koh Phangan and during a thunderstorm lighting stuck causing a fore which burnt down her dog shelter and horse shelter, she since moved her family and all the animals to Koh Samui, she has a great piece of lad located on the northwest side of the island, and has already built a great dog shelter, but the horses also need a shelter to keep them protected during the monsoonal rains.

So we just need to raise the money to build the horse shelter- it will be no more than 19,000THB (Approx $1,000AUD)  If we get more money than is needed for construction of the shelter we will use it to buy food for the rescue horses.


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Pariah Dog has been super busy building shelters, compounds, cat house and excellent clinic/hospital facility.  This all costs money and now there is none left to pay for the access road.

At the moment the road is dirt which washes away in the monsoonal rains we get here on Samui, making it very rough an dangerous. At the moment its only accessible using a 4WD, meaning visitors and volunteers must be picked up at the main road. It’s also very jarring and stressful for dogs being brought to the clinic.

We have set up a fundraiser to help our friends at Pariah Dog to raise the money they need to build this road.

We are super excited to announce that SamuiPongPetch will be constructing the road for us! They came out and surveyed the site and submitted a substantially cheaper quote. The total cost of the road will now be: $21,364 ,this fully builds the road needed at three meters wide and 200 meters in length and includes storm gutters and drains along the side (which the previous quote didn’t include)  these will be imperative to stop the road washing away during monsoon season.

We are offering to be part of the Pariah dog road to safety. Have your name on the road leading up to the shelter and clinic!

$107AUD buys you one meter of road & we will put your name on it!

Great gift – Great memorial for a lost loved one – Great way to help the dogs.


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