Your company can support the important work we are doing by donating a percentage of profits or by sponsoring one of our projects, we can even tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

  • Donated a box of Yarn for our knitting projects

  • Gives us a discount on dissolvable sutures used at Spay events.

  • Assists us with our media relations.

  • Sponsors Terri’s Happy Hounds, a solo rescuer doing street feeding and rescue work on Koh Samui .

  • Official partners of the Samui 2020 street sterilization program.
  • Donated one month of Hay to Sawan Maa (August 2020).

  • Donate a percentage of profits to Pro Steril Indonesia to run community sterilization days.

  • Print all our promotional items at a discounted rate.

Sponsorship’s  Available:

ProSteril Bali Sterilizing Program: $500AUD per month

RDF Samui Street Sterilizing Program: $750AUD per month

Street Sterilizing with CDWK: $130AUD per month

Street Feeding Koh Samui: $360 per month

Paws with a Cause: $75 per month

All tax deductible and all can be sponsored on a one off basis (excluding paws with a cause).

Email: for a detailed copy of any of the above sponsor packs.


We thank the following companies for their support of the important work we are doing.

  • Built the road for Pariah Dog at discounted rate.

  • Donated a percentage of profits to Rob’s Dogs and our good friends at Happy Tails Koh Samui & Samui Elephant Sanctuary.

  • Hosted regular fundraising events for us.

  • Hosted a wonderful fundraiser to help raise money for the Pariah Dog Road.

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