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Donate via Bank Transfer Pay ID:

Donate via Bank Transfer:

Bank Australia

Rob’s Dogs Foundation

BSB:  313140

Account Number: 12205885

If donating either of these please email with a copy of your deposit confirmation and we will issue you a tax receipt.

Workplace Giving

It’s a safe and easy way for you to donate to Rob’s Dogs.
You make a donation out of your pay, pre-tax, so it costs you less!
We get the post-tax amount.
If your employer offers donation matching – then we get double the donation!

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Change lives by donating your coins to charity!
We all have too many coins floating around – bogging down our purse or wallet.
Perhaps you are leaving Thailand and don’t want to try exchanging coins?
No matter where you are in the world – we will take your coins!
If you are on Samui and would like a donation box at your shop/restaurant/resort etc. please Message us – we have three great designs to choose from.
If you are in Melbourne and would like a box at your shop/restaurant/workplace etc. please message us & we will arrange one to be delivered.
Why not buy a cheap money box form a $2 shop or 20B shop & throw in your excess coins – once full you can donate to us. You get rid of coins (and get a tax receipt in Australia) and we get extra donations.


Lilly Blaze is an Australian Social Enterprise.

Offering Eco-friendly dog poop bags that also give back!

Lily Blaze dog poop bags do more for the planet than just being completely biodegradable and compostable, they also improve dogs’ lives all over the world.

Every time you buy a roll of Lily Blaze dog poo bags, 50% of the profits are donated to animal shelters, locally and internationally.

In one fell scoop, you can help save the planet and support a cause that’s close to your heart.

If you use our purchase link we get 50% of the profits!

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Lily Blaze


Your Change is an online portal that links retailers & community groups.

You sign up – using Facebook, Google or email & nominate Rob’s Dogs as your preferred community group.

Then get shopping.

  • Over 100 participating big name retailers
  • All commissions paid to the community group is listed on the retailers page
  • An easy way to contribute to Rob’s  Dogs when buying things you want to buy

Rob’s Dogs receives approximately 5% of each sale you make via this portal.

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Use Shopnate The Easy Fundraiser to shop with over 680 retailers including Woolworths, Booktopia, ASOS,, eBay, Target, and Expedia. Every time you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for Rob’s dogs every time, it’s that easy!

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CharityBuy is a website that helps charities raise money in a simple, unique way. It’s free to use, it’s easy to use and can make a big difference!

We have partnerships with hundreds of popular brands that sell products and services online. Every purchase you make with one of our partner businesses can generate a financial contribution to the charity of your choice. You don’t have to pay anything extra – you’ll get their best online deals and specials. You’re also not limited to just a few products – there are literally millions of products you can buy which will support your charity!

Next time you want to buy flights, gifts, gadgets, flowers, mobile phones, fashion or almost anything at all, don’t just buy it – CharityBuy it!

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MyCause is a fundraising platform that offers a wide variety of integrations for charity.

You can set up a Birthday Pledge:

Set up Birthday Pledge

You can fund-raise or request donations in lieu of gifts at Christmas or other special events:

Set up Fundrasier/Gift Register

52 week donation challenge

Challenge your friends to join you in the Rob’s Dogs 52 week donation challenge!
Its simple and fun.
Start in the new financial year by donating just $1 to Rob’s Dogs.
Then each week – you increase your donation by just $1.
You do this each week – so by the last (52nd week)  your donation will be $52

Your total donations will be $1378 and you will have a tax receipt just in time for your next tax return.

Download Challenge Chart


Rob’s Dogs was started with money from Rob’s estate when he passed.
You can join him in helping make life better for animals in Asia by leaving us a bequest – this will enable you to support, or continue supporting,  our work after you cross Rainbow Bridge. It will become your legacy.

We’re often not able to give as generously during our lives as we might like to. Leaving a gift in your Will is a great way to support the vital work of Rob’s Dogs if you have been unable to in your life, or increase the level of giving to Rob’s Dogs.

By leaving a charitable gift in your Will – either a percentage of your Estate, a specific sum of money, or other assets – you will have a positive impact on the lives of countless animals in Asia.

Your gift, whether large of small, will be gratefully received by Rob’s Dogs.  If you have any questions about leaving a charitable gift in your Will, please contact us.


There are four main types of gifts you can leave in your Will, including those you may leave to Rob’s Dogs. Please discuss with your solicitor the type of gift that will best suit you and your Estate.


One of the most common ways to leave a charitable gift, a residual gift is the remainder of your Estate after first leaving gifts to your loved ones and payment of any financial commitments, funeral arrangements etc.

Example wording
I leave to ROB’S DOGS FOUNDATION of 5 Aquinas Court, Hoppers Crossing, 3029  Charity ABN: 48 630 436 378 (proportion of residue to be completed) for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other duly authorised officer shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.


Another common way to leave a charitable gift, a pecuniary or specific gift clearly specifies the donation. It can be money, property, stocks and/or shares.

Example wording
I leave to ROB’S DOGS FOUNDATION of 5 Aquinas Court, Hoppers Crossing, 3029  Charity ABN: 48 630 436 378 (description of item) absolutely for the general purposes of the said charity and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other duly authorised officer shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.


This is a gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of your Estate. Dividing your Estate by a percentage or fraction takes into account the changing value of your Estate which can occur due to factors such as inflation, property fluctuations and changes to the composition of your Estate over time.


This comprises your entire Estate and is usually left by those without family or other preferred beneficiaries, or those wanting to achieve something very significant with their gift.

Charitable gifts in Wills of property, stocks and shares are exempt from capital gains tax.


WISH LIST: Rob’s Dogs Foundation Thailand


Thiopental Sodium



Metronidazole/ Clearazole  

Rimadyl inj. 20 cc or Meloxicam  

Injectable tolfedine

Shotapen LA/ Amoxykel LA

Any antibiotics for injection


Injectable Euphylline

Injectable Coffein-Benzoate sodium

Injectable adrenaline

Injectable Sulfocaine/sulfocanfocaine


Alcohol Iodine 5%


Alcohol 96%

Alcohol 70%


Autoclave, Small Ovens, Instapots (for Sterilizing instruments)

Clip medical curved 125mm

Surgical Needles 24 &  28 round

Surgical Needles 24 & 28 Triangle

Medical Stainless Steel Surgical Scissors Straight

Needle Holder Pliers 14/15mm

Round head uterine hook

Feather Surgical Blade (for scalpel size 4)

Dressing Tray Stainless steel

Scalpel Handle

Surgical Drape Clips

Surgical Drapes (Cat & dog size)

Sutures of any kind

0.9% sodium Chloride  NSS

Infusion Set

Sterilized Gauze Pads

Medical Tape large & small

Razors/Pet clippers

3ml Syringes

24G Needles

1 ml needle with Syringe

Insulin Needles

IV Catheters 24G

Pee Pads 60x60cm or larger  

Cotton Roll/cotton balls

Plastic spray Bottles

Latex Gloves L & M





Spot on treatments for cats or dogs

Terramycin ointment

Sticking plaster or tape

Elastic bandage wraps

Portable tattoo machine and inks

Hand sanitizer

Disinfectant (Chlorhexidine or Dettol)

Hydrogen Peroxide

Medium sized dog collars

Cat size collars

Medium sized cages

Cat & dog transport boxes

Stainless steel foldable operating tables

stainless steel tables (examination/shaving prep)

Small stools with wheels for vets to sit on while operating

Electronic scales

Office furniture


Mobile phones

Mobile lamps (like web steaming lamps / beauticians’ lamps/operating lamp)

(Must remain chilled):

Rabies vaccines

Dog 5 dis vaccines

Dog 6 dis vaccines

Cat 4 diseases vaccines

(all can be past expiry)

WISH LIST: Terri’s Happy Hounds Thailand





(all can be past expiry)

WISH LIST: ProSteril Indonesia

Zolitel 100mg
Xylazine 100mg
Tramadol Hydrochloride
Adrenaline (injectable)
Shotapen LA
Tolfidine (injectable)
Opsite spray
Any antibiotics for injection
Frontline spray
Spot on treatments for cats or dogs
Terramycin ointment
Likacin Amikacin Sulphate gel
Distemper Virus (CDV) tests
Parvo Virus (CPV/CCV) tests
Snap tests (blood parasites)
Syringes 3ml / 1ml
Surgical blades
Sutures 4/0 – 0 Size (absorbable or non-absorbable)
Swabs/ gauze
Sticking plaster or tape
Elastic bandage wraps
Examination/ surgical gloves size S/M/L
IV catheter 18G, 20G, 22G & 24G
Surgical drapes
Surgical instruments(must be new)
Portable tattoo machine and inks
Hand sanitizer
Disinfectant (Chlorhexidine or Dettol)
Malaseb Shampoo
Puppy milk
Medium sized collars
Medium sized cages (collapsible ideally)
Cat cages

(Must remain chilled):
Rabies vaccines
Dog 5 dis vaccines
Dog 6 dis vaccines
Cat 4 diseases vaccines

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