Pro Steril Indonesia

Pro Steril Indonesia is a small grass roots group operating without overheads and relying on donations of time, money and supplies. They regularly undertake village sterilization days in Bali for low income families and street dogs. Bali has around 2 million stray dogs. The Government in Bali regularly undertakes “elimination” programs to reduce the population, Pro Steril Indonesia believes in sterilization as opposed to elimination to reduce the population of unwanted dogs. They also run public education programs on not throwing animals away.

Terri’s Happy Hounds

Terri is a solo rescuer based in Lamai (Koh Samui, Thailand) Terri feeds 40+ dogs every day of the year.

Terri not only cooks fresh food for her street dogs but she also goes through bags & bags of dry food.

Terri’s care is full and encompassing, she worms and vaccinates all dogs on her route, administers preventive medicine and arranges sterilization for all dogs to ensure population control.

Happy Tails Sanctuary Koh Samui

Francoise arrived in Thailand in 2006 with only her luggage and her 4 Belgian cats.She had no idea at that time that her life would totally change!

She has always shared her home with Dogs & Cats, she’s been an animal lover since she was a young child when she would bring home stray cats she would find on the streets.

Upon coming to Thailand she was devastated to discover the state of so many forgotten animals living alone on the streets. She could not ignore the plight of these lost souls. She started to help street dogs & cats with food, water, treatments for fleas & ticks, dewormng, medication for wounds and infections and of course sterilization.

Unfortunately what these animals most needed was safe and loving place they could call home, so she took one home, then another, and another, next thing she knew she was running a sanctuary!

She now has 45 dogs and 20 cats in her full time care, most live in the main house with her, some reside in the volunteer house and others are still living on the streets but cared for by Francoise.

Francoise receives no government or corporate funding, she fully funds her work alone and relies on donations from animal lovers across the globe.

Rob’s Dogs Thailand

Rob’s Dogs Thailand is our on the ground group. It’s run by volunteers living on Koh Samui, it’s a very small grass roots movement operating without overheads and relying on donations of time, money and supplies. We try to run a community sterilization day every two months, sterilizing 16 animals, focusing on female cats and dogs, we are fully self funded in the project at this time, as such we can only run sterilization days when we have money.

Community dog welfare kopan

Community Dog Welfare was set up and is managed by Kate Clendon in Kopan, Kathmandu, Nepal, and is focused on:

Assisting local community with treatment & care, rescue & rehabilitation, in shelter recovery, de-worming, anti-rabies & other vaccinations, spaying & neutering, adoption and long term care.

Their vision is to give every dog a chance for a healthy peaceful life.

Hope VMS – Elaine’s Dogs

HOPE VMS Dogs is registered in the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an association for the protection of Animals.
HOPE VMS rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the abused, abandoned and neglected dogs of Bosnia though care, love and community support.
They presently care for over 150 dogs at various locations, including their main shelter.
With no official funding they rely solely on donations from individuals in the global community to continue their life saving work.

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