August  2020 Monthly Update
Now that Melbournians & most of regional Victoria need to wear a mask – one of our dedicated volunteers is making  lovely unique handmade face masks.
In August we split the proceeds between our Samui S&N programme and Samui Elephant Haven raising over $150 for each project.
In September the proceeds  will be going to our Samui S&N project to buy them a sidecar motorcycle that they desperately need for transporting animals around the island.

The masks are all hand made with love are eco friendly and reusable. They have triple layers for addition protection and the face layer is cotton for supreme comfort. Super comfortable contoured shape means a snug fit, with no gaping sides. Only $12 each – Including Free Australia wide Shipping.

Annual Report

We have worked on some really cool projects, we have developed some new partnerships and continued our regular fundraising and sterilizing activities.
You can download or read it at this link.We are proud to publish our third annual report.
Its got an overview of what we did in the past year – our goals for the next financial year. The details of our financial situation and our expenditure in the past financial year.
Sawan Maa
It’s a Night- MARE trying to feed all the hungry mouths at Sawan Maa – สวรรค์ม้า – Happy Horse Sanctuary
each month. August was a whole lot easier thanks to Sisters on Samui who paid the entire Hay bill (16,000thb) for the month.
And MaxWin  who donated over 300 kilos of their premium horse food. Which was great for Kai Tom who has an easily upset stomach and suffers diarrhea.
They commenced work on their enclosures and made lots of progress over the month, thanks to many dedicated volunteers and donors.
They reached full funding for their essential  vet services event – the vets came and did absolutely amazing work, fixing Sandy’s female issues & castrating Kai Tom & the youngest stallion.
Samui Spay-a-thon
We ran our HUGE Samui Spay-a-Thon event. This was our first event partnering with Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya – Faculty of Veterinary Science.
We sterilized a total of 51 animals – 23 of which were female dogs & 8 female cats. According to PETA estimates is over 4.5 MILLION dogs and cats that will not be born into a lifetime of neglect.
you can check out the photos here.
We were so happy with the way this event worked that we would like to partner again with RUTS – Faculty of Veterinary Science in the future.
You can see a full list of all donors and supporters here.
We will continue this crucial work by running pop up sterilization events each month – as we currently have a waiting list of 50 cats & 20 dogs to donate and help us cover costs please click here.
Corporate Support
A Huge round of A-PAWS to ่Perfect Companion Group Ltd. : Me-O & SmartHeart not only did they subsidize costs for our huge Spay-a-thon, but they also donated over 300 kilos of Dog and Cat food to Pariah Dog Koh Samui as a thank you for hosting the spay event.
Recognizes the most iconic victim of the palm oil industry, our friends at  Orangutan Alliance have launched a wonderful campaign to assist the plight of our beloved Orangutans.
#MyStepToProtect is a viral campaign that reminds people that it’s not too late to facilitate collective change for the planet, through living a more sustainable lifestyle. Viva La Body has created organic, palm oil-free soap for each soap purchased, they will plant one tree which is critical to the habitat protection of over 100 mammals, 382 bird species and important carbon storage for the planet. They aim to plant at least 2000 trees in a month.
Orangutans share 98% of human DNA. The Orangutan Alliance is the authoritative voice that is raising awareness around the globe about the impact of unsustainable palm oil production, which is having devastating effects on wildlife, habitat and human rights.
Unsustainable palm oil is the main threat to the survival of orangutans and many other endangered species as well as deforestation, particularly in Borneo and Sumatra. Palm oil appears in over 50% of all packaged goods and accounts for 35% of the world’s vegetable oil production.
YOU can live without using palm oil – but these little guys can’t live without their habitat.
Shop ethically – see this list of products that are certified palm oil free.
Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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