FEBRUARY 2020 Monthly Update

We ran our World Spay Day 2020 Samui Sterilization event.
We sterilized a total of 18 animals – 16 of which were female dogs & 1 female cat. According to PETA estimates is over 1.4 MILLION dogs and cats that will not be born into a lifetime of neglect.
you can check out the photos here:
We will now be running these community sterilization events every month. If you would like to donate so we can keep up this important work:

We continue with our fundraiser to help Francoise at Happy Tails. Francoise arrived in Thailand in 2006 with only her luggage and her 4 Belgian cats.She had no idea at that time that her life would totally change! She has always shared her home with Dogs & Cats, she’s been an animal lover since she was a young child when she would bring home stray cats she would find on the streets. Upon coming to Thailand she was devastated to discover the state of so many forgotten animals living alone on the streets. She could not ignore the plight of these lost souls. She started to help street dogs & cats with food, water, treatments for fleas & ticks, dewormng, medication for wounds and infections and of course sterilization. Unfortunately what these animals most needed was safe and loving place they could call home, so she took one home, then another, and another, next thing she knew she was running a sanctuary! She now has 45 dogs and 20 cats in her full time care, most live in the main house with her, some reside in the volunteer house and others are still living on the streets but cared for by Francoise. Francoise receives no government or corporate funding, she fully funds her work alone and relies on donations from animal lovers across the globe. Due to a high trading Bhat and a drop in people visiting Samui, Francoise has found herself short of donations for the coming year. She desperately needs to raise some money to keep the sanctuary up and running:

RENT: $5,000aud

CAR REPAIRS:$1,200aud

VET BILLS: $1,612aud

TOTAL: $7,812aud

We will be running this fundraiser in a raffle style – for each DOLLAR (aud) you donate you will get one entry into the raffle. So a $100 donation would get you 100 entries into the raffle! Prizes include – free copies of our E-cookbook “I can’t believe its vegan”, Up-cycled timber animal signs, we will be adding more prizes as we go along, so follow our Facebook page to keep up with prizes.

Our friends QWERTY PR will start photoshoots with dogs and their owners to raise funds for our Koh Samui Sterilization program. As much as we love puppies, they have sometimes terrible lives on the streets from illness, accidents, starvation or sheer cruelty. For each shoot on Koh Samui (it can be without a dog!) Qwerty will donate 50% to us, that is enough to spay at least ONE dog!

On the 8th of February we observed Rob’s Birthday: He was huge dog lover, he donated to many Australian based dog charities and always ministered to street dogs on his trips to Thailand.
Rob passed away in 2010, leaving a modest estate.
At first his widow didn’t know what to do with his money, she had thought about donating it all to one of his preferred charities in Australia, but then she visited Bali and saw the horrific state on dogs in Bali and decided to use some of his money to move to Bali and volunteer with a dog charity there.
Since those humble beginnings Rob’s Dogs has grown into an organization in its own right and his widow moved from Bali to Thailand (Rob’s Favorite place) to assist even more dogs.
We think that Rob would be so proud of all that his namesake has achieved and all our plans for the future.
You can read his story here:


Our Samui based TNR program, is getting bigger and bigger each month- a few times we have had the situation of when we open the animal, we find it has already been sterilized! This is not only a waste of time and money, but also stressful and unessential for the animal.
So what is the best way to identify street dogs and cats who have been sterilized?

We fully researched the topic before making our choice, we thought it would be good to share with the wider community also.

For owned dogs micro-chipping is a great way to keep record of the animal and what procedures it has undergone, where it lives etc. However this is not ideal for street dogs/cats as you need to catch and scan the animal, the cost is also prohibitive as the cheapest we can get one for is 100thb ($5aud) then it still needs to be inserted, adding to the total cost.

Tattooing is the current industry standard used by most vets and animal welfare groups in Thailand, however like micro-chips the animal must be caught to read the tattoo, they can also fade over time, you need a tattoo machine and someone at each event that can use it.

Freeze branding is used mostly in america for identification of hunting dogs, some groups working on sterilization without anesthetic like this method as the dog does not need to under to have the procedure and it can be easily seen from a distance. We decided against it as you need to have liquid nitrogen or dry ice at the event, and nobody we know that can teach us the procedure.

Ear tags were our favorite option for a little while as they are easily seen from a distance, they are cheap and easy to buy, you need no special training to administer and animal does not need to be under. However with further research we discovered that the animals find them annoying and scratch at them, leading to issues of infection they can also get caught and do damage to the ear, which if untreated can cause serious complications.

We eventually settled on Ear Nicking as we knew vets who could train us in the procedure, the tools are easily available in Thailand, its easy to see from a distance, meaning animals do not need to be caught to read, we tested it at our most recent event and it went very smoothly, the ear nicks were done while animals were under just prior to the sterilization surgery, the nicks were cauterized with heat which prevented any bleeding, none of the animals seemed to have a problem with the procedure, and were not scratching or worrying at the wounds.

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