MARCH 2020 Monthly Update

Our friends at Sungate Media ran a flyer design promotion and raised some funds for our Samui sterilization program. They will run a Facebook deign promotion soon – so keep a watch on our Facebook page for info on how you can get amazing FB designs that will help animals.

We finished our fundraiser to help Francoise at Happy Tails. Francoise arrived in Thailand in 2006 with only her luggage and her 4 Belgian cats.She had no idea at that time that her life would totally change! She has always shared her home with Dogs & Cats, she’s been an animal lover since she was a young child when she would bring home stray cats she would find on the streets. Upon coming to Thailand she was devastated to discover the state of so many forgotten animals living alone on the streets. She could not ignore the plight of these lost souls. She started to help street dogs & cats with food, water, treatments for fleas & ticks, dewormng, medication for wounds and infections and of course sterilization. Unfortunately what these animals most needed was safe and loving place they could call home, so she took one home, then another, and another, next thing she knew she was running a sanctuary! She now has 45 dogs and 20 cats in her full time care, most live in the main house with her, some reside in the volunteer house and others are still living on the streets but cared for by Francoise. Francoise receives no government or corporate funding, she fully funds her work alone and relies on donations from animal lovers across the globe. Due to a high trading Bhat and a drop in people visiting Samui, Francoise has found herself short of donations for the coming year. We helped her raise over $1,264, which will help her get through the current virus crisis.

On the 7th of February we observed Rob’s passing anniversary: He was huge dog lover, he donated to many Australian based dog charities and always ministered to street dogs on his trips to Thailand.
Rob passed away in 2010, leaving a modest estate.
At first his widow didn’t know what to do with his money, she had thought about donating it all to one of his preferred charities in Australia, but then she visited Bali and saw the horrific state on dogs in Bali and decided to use some of his money to move to Bali and volunteer with a dog charity there.
Since those humble beginnings Rob’s Dogs has grown into an organization in its own right and his widow moved from Bali to Thailand (Rob’s Favorite place) to assist even more dogs.
We think that Rob would be so proud of all that his namesake has achieved and all our plans for the future.
You can read his story here:

International Women’s Day was March 8 & we honored Pro-Steril Indonesia founder Tina Krishandy.
This is her amazing story:
It all started back in 2012 when I first came to rescue kittens that had been dumped at the traditional markets in Jakarta. This work was just never ending, day after day I would find a new kitten thrown away in the garbage bins. I saw so many mumma cats with their kittens hanging out in abandoned stores. The mumma cats looking so skinny and exhausted struggling to get enough to make milk to feed her babies. Her little kittens all suffering bad infections of their eyes.
It was at this time that I realized the solution to this problem way to do sterilizations rather than just rescuing!
So my goal for Pro-steril Indonesia is simple…to undertake as many sterilizations as possible. We are a grass roots group operating without overheads and relying on donations of time, money and supplies. We regularly undertake village sterilization days in Bali for low income families and street dogs. Bali has around 2 million stray dogs, the Government in Bali regular undertakes “elimination” programs to reduce the population, and we believe that sterilization as opposed to elimination to reduce the population of unwanted dogs & cats.
We want all animals to have a chance at a good life.

Our March Bali community sterilization day was a huge success, with support from Sunset Vet Bali Drh Karnarta & Drh. Saka Wiryan, They sterilized a massive 60 ANIMALS!
Female dog 25
Male dog 26
Female cat 8
Male cat 1
Based on Peta estimates that’s over 1.6 MILLION dogs and 2.9 MILLION cats that won’t be born to a life of neglect and abuse on the mean streets of Bali.
We are honored to work with such a dedicated group however due to current panic surrounding Covid-19, the program will be put on hold until approximately June 2020.
We would like to thank our donors that helped make this event such a success:
APN Property Group, Margaret Stalaker, Bronwyn Robinson, Anne Buttigieg, Marie W Gardner, Tableland Veterinary Service & Dynek.

As our volunteers around the world go into Quarantine, we have more time to spend on our administration tasks, as well as our Knitting program, if you would like to join us in knitting clothes for underprivileged kids in northern Thailand, we knit and crochet items for Toys for Thailand who distribute to needy families.
We have been knitting for over 3 years & more volunteers join each year – knit or crochet at your own pace – we will arrange for collection and delivery of items.
Don’t go crazy during this time – use it to help make a difference to grateful kids in Thailand. We have free knitting patterns on our website:

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Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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