JANUARY 2020 Monthly Update

We are again planning to run two World Spay day events – One in Bali and one in Thailand.
Our target is around 50 animals at each event.
We will need $300 for the Bali event & $800 for the Thailand event.
You can donate fee free using our PayPal charity link:
You can also donate via our website:
Please consider buying a copy of our cookbook – or just making a small donation, the smallest amounts can make a big difference in other countries. 100% of profits on items sold in our shop go direct to funding spay days.

We launched our Fundraiser to help Francoise at Happy Tails. Francoise arrived in Thailand in 2006 with only her luggage and her 4 Belgian cats.She had no idea at that time that her life would totally change! She has always shared her home with Dogs & Cats, she’s been an animal lover since she was a young child when she would bring home stray cats she would find on the streets. Upon coming to Thailand she was devastated to discover the state of so many forgotten animals living alone on the streets. She could not ignore the plight of these lost souls. She started to help street dogs & cats with food, water, treatments for fleas & ticks, dewormng, medication for wounds and infections and of course sterilization. Unfortunately what these animals most needed was safe and loving place they could call home, so she took one home, then another, and another, next thing she knew she was running a sanctuary! She now has 45 dogs and 20 cats in her full time care, most live in the main house with her, some reside in the volunteer house and others are still living on the streets but cared for by Francoise. Francoise receives no government or corporate funding, she fully funds her work alone and relies on donations from animal lovers across the globe. Due to a high trading Bhat and a drop in people visiting Samui, Francoise has found herself short of donations for the coming year. She desperately needs to raise some money to keep the sanctuary up and running:

RENT: 50,000THB ($2,422aud)

ROAD REPAIRS: 3,000THB ($150aud)

VET BILLS: 20,000THB ($969aud)

TOTAL: 73,000THB ($3,650aud)

We will be running this fundraiser in a raffle style – for each DOLLAR (aud) you donate you will get one entry into the raffle. So a $100 donation would get you 100 entries into the raffle! Prizes include – free copies of our E-cookbook “I can’t believe its vegan”, Up-cycled timber animal signs, we will be adding more prizes as we go along, so follow our Facebook page to keep up with prizes.

A new ethical Elephant Sanctuary opened on Koh Samui. Some of our volunteers were invited to the opening. It is an amazing and beautiful project – you can read all about it in the news section of the website. 


We reached 500 likes on our Facebook page! Please ask all your Friends to like our page – Instructions here.

We ran a Samui  Sterilization day this was our FOURTH Samui Sterilization event.
This was our first event partnering with Sisters On Samui & Samui Spay & Neuter 2020.
We sterilized a total of 17 animals – 5 of which were female dogs & 11 of which were female cats. Which according to PETA estimates is over 4.4 MILLION dogs and cats that will not be born into a lifetime of neglect.
you can check out the photos here:
We will now be running these community sterilization events every month. Please consider donating so we can keep up this important work.
We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Sisters On Samui who will be our official partners for the sterilizing program in 2020. Their financial support means that we can offer more free free places at the sterilization events in 2020.

OUR PARTNERS at Pro Steril Indonesia finished 2019 on a high. They ran an onsite sterilization day for a local unofficial shelter located just outside of Ubud.
They sterilized a total of 11 animals, 7 of which were female dogs & 2 of which were female cats – that is over ONE MILLION animals that will not be born into a life of abuse and neglect on the mean streets of Bali.

We are currency looking for a “corporate” sponsor for the important work ProSteril is doing – if your company is looking for a tax deduction that will also leave you feeling warm and fuzzy – PM us now for a proposal. (We have DRG status)

February  will continue to be a busy month, with HUGE spay events in both Thailand and Bali planned. Follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our adventures.

Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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