JULY 2020 Monthly Update

It is a new financial year (for Australians) So we launched a 52 week donation challenge. Its simple and fun.

Start in the new financial year by donating just $1 to Rob’s Dogs.

Then each week – you increase your donation by just $1.

You do this each week – so by the last (52nd week) your donation will be $52.  Your total donations will be $1378 and you will have a tax receipt just in time for your next tax return.

You can download the chart here: Challenge Chart 
Sawan Maa
We reached FULL Funding for the Vet Services Fundraiser.
Operation for Sandy: Sandy is our beautiful but broken thoroughbred Mare. She has needed much medical care since she injured herself giving birth to a foal and now suffers from what is called a Pneumo Vagina, which basically means that she is very prone to bacterial infections through sucking in the humidity and bacterial into her uterus. She can be in lots of pain and become infected with maggots very easily if not constantly monitored. She often needs antibiotics to help her and we desperately need the vet to operate on her as soon as possible. The cost of this operation will be ฿10,000 ($476AUD).
The Vets will come 12th – 16th of August. They will  also  geld two stallions. Sioux, the foal who is quickly growing up and becoming a handful, along with Kai who, although older is beside himself to get to poor Sandy. Sandy is the only Mare that we have and keeping these stallions calm is becoming extremely difficult, unhealthy for them and dangerous. We have to keep them separate which is very frustrating for everyone and not sustainable at the Sanctuary. The cost of their operations will be ฿5,000 ($238AUD) each plus the costs of travelling for the vets, as we need special horse vets only available from the mainland.
Thank you to all who donated to this fundraiser. 
Rabies Free Samui
Rob’s Dogs supports programs of Sterilization and vaccination to control rabies. NEVER elimination.
Rabies mortality in both humans and animals is on the decline in right across the world– however many governments around the world still conduct elimination programs in a misguided attempt to control rabies.
Samui has been Rabies free for a long time now & we would like to keep it that way.
We rabies vaccinate all animals we sterilize and we support local rescuers who also regularly vaccinate animals.
The girls from คนรักสัตว์สมุย ( Animal lover koh Samui ) approached us asking for a donation of 50 rabies vaccines, we were happy to oblige. We raised the money to pay for these vaccines by cooking food – We would like to thank Brenda Roodhof, Clifford England & Lamai veggie for their orders of vegan goodies that have covered the cost of donating these vaccines.
Here is to a continuing Rabies free Samui!
Samui Spay-a-thon
We have reached full funding for our HUGE community sterilization event August 12th – 16th on Koh Samui.
Over 4 Days
With 6 Vets
Aiming to sterilize over 70 animals
And Saving over 10 million lives!
We would like to say a BIG Thank-you to:
The Faculty of Veterinary Science, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, Nakhonsithammarat who are supplying 4 final year Veterinary students to sterilize at our event.
Perfect Companion Group Co.,Ltd.  Me-O & Smart Heart for subsidizing costs of the event and donating food for the dogs and cats at Pariah Dog.
Pariah Dog Koh Samui for kindly hosting us in their purpose built clinic.
We are so grateful for your support.
Thanks to generous donations from our supporters we can offer FREE places for female street dogs and cats.
Its important to remember that doing sterilization has a great impact on the broader community – meaning less free roaming dogs, so less dogs getting sick or injured and needing expensive vet care, less dogs needing feeding on the street & less dogs “annoying” people meaning better human/dog relations.
We will continue our normal pop up sterilization events in September.

Our volunteer liza lee found a great opportunity for us to be part of: #LiveProjects an initiative by the Victorian Government supported by PracteraStudy Melbourne and the University of Melbourne, We were accepted to have a group of students do a FREE social media audit for us.

We named our dedicated team the A-team (Team 18). They worked so hard over a short period of 3 weeks to audit our social media & develop a 12 month strategy centered around organic investing to assist to bounce back from the effects of the Australian bush-fires and the global pandemic.

This was our first time working with an outside team and we really enjoyed it – Roles & expectations were clearly defined at the outset so we all knew where we stood and what was expected of us. We have already started implementing our teams recommendations & look forwards to being better placed to grow our charity in the next 12 months.

Huge thanks to the A-TEAM; Anushree KesurvalaXiaojia (Kath) QuMalaika KhuranaSarah Liaw & Ruchir Milind Shastri
This is a cool little video they made for us – to explain what we do.

Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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