JUNE 2020 Monthly Update

Our good friends at Future Hippie  gave us two MASSIVE bags of coins, which we took to the bank & it was nearly 2000thb ($100AUD)
That’s enough to sterilize 2-4 dogs.

Which gave us the idea to ask other people for their coins. We call it Change for Charity: Change lives by donating your coins to charity!

We all have too many coins floating around – bogging down our purse or wallet.
Perhaps you are leaving Thailand and don’t want to try exchanging coins?
No matter where you are in the world – we will take your coins!
If you are on Samui and would like a donation box at your shop/restaurant/resort etc. please Message us – we have three great designs to choose from.
If you are in Melbourne and would like a box at your shop/restaurant/workplace etc. please message us & we will arrange one to be delivered.
Why not buy a cheap money box form a $2 shop or 20B shop & throw in your excess coins – once full you can donate to us. You get rid of coins (and get a tax receipt in Australia) and we get extra donations.

Future Hippy are so supportive of us and our work they also ran a charity yoga event at their beautiful beach side studio this afternoon. (Located on Koh Samui – Thailand). The ran a donation based yoga class with their talented 200 hour teacher students teaching. The event also included a small raffle and lovely vegan sweet treats for donation. It was a fabulous success raising nearly 2000THB! (Nearly $100AUD)

That is at least 3 dogs we can sterilize at our next event. 
If you have an idea for a fundraiser – please message us!
Last month we launched our Paw-fect Foster Program.
A long term sponsorship program that seeks to place vulnerable street dogs with low income Thai and Myanmarese families.
The families agree to take in a street dog, we supply the food for the dog, medical care and other essential items, AND the family gets a small monthly financial donation as a thank you – helping them to buy food for themselves. WIN-WIN.
We got our two sponsors sign up. Maria Linsley came on board as our first and super proud sponsor. We found a lovely man living in the jungle of Koh Samui who already has a dog, who is in great health, he agreed to take two of our most vulnerable puppies.
The two puppies come from “Brown Mum” a street dog on the Talign Nam run, for years nobody has been able to catch her – Pariah Dog Koh Samui came out, no luck, Soi Dog Foundation tried darting her when they were here two years ago, no luck, Sandra Martin has tried many times including hiring a darting expert, and still no luck! Brown mum keeps getting pregnant over and over – having an average of 10 puppies each litter – most end up run over on the road where they live.
There are only two left from her latest litter, and we couldn’t stand to see these ones go missing. We are so happy to have found them a safe home, in the jungle where there are no roads around and a father who will care for them.
Then we got our second sponsor and foster family last week. Ming Moore has come on board as our second and super proud sponsor. Sandra knew of a lovely man living in a small huts on the back roads of Talign Nam, he already cares for a few local street dogs and he agreed to take another one of our more vulnerable dogs.
Initially we had planned to place a recently sterilized mother with him, she has been staying with our friends at DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation however when Sandra went to pick her up – she was so scared of leaving that we decided to negotiate with DCRS that she could stay and we would take one of their other vulnerable dogs. This plan was accepted by everyone and we took the dog to her new home. She was a bit apprehensive of the other dogs but her new dad is confident that she will be accepted into the pack. We are so happy to placed this young girl in a safe home, with a great father who will care for her and keep her safe.
If you would like to join Maria and Ming by becoming a sponsor you will get:
  • Certificate of thanks featuring your dog
  • Naming rights for your dog
  • Monthly update on your dog
  • Monthly thank you on the Rob’s Dogs Facebook page
  • Invitation to see your dog if you are visiting Koh Samui
  • Tax Deductible for Australians

We could get back to sterilizing on Koh Samui!

On Saturday the 20th of June our beloved vets from Surat Thani came back to Samui to run a pop up sterilization day for us! We were so happy to be working with them again.
We sterilized a total of 15 animals – 3 of which were female dogs & 8 female cats. Combined with the 7 females dogs we had done at DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation, we estimate that is over 3.6 MILLION dogs and cats that will not be born into a lifetime of neglect.
We will continue to try and run these community sterilization events every month.

We still desperately need Administration Volunteers, you can work as much or as little as you like, things we need help with:

  • Emailing vegan celebrities and asking them if they will promote our cookbook.
  • Drafting agreements (we have standard template done by our lawyer – just needs names of groups & events inserted)
  • Writing grant proposals & applications (some experience in this area would be greatly appreciated)
  • Research (looking for competitions we can enter to win cash or prizes, investigating for Grants we can apply for, and developing a database of companies we can contact about sponsoring us)
  • Sponsorship (approaching companies and organizations for Sponsorship of our opportunities)
  • Donation hunting (approaching companies and organizations for donations. EG: medical supplies, blankets, bowls, toys, placing of donation tins in your local shops & then collecting once full)
  • Finding international adoption groups that we can work with to get street dogs out of Thailand.
We launched the Sawan Maa exclusive Winners Circle.
Sawan Maa gives shelter to over 8 Ponies and Horses who have been rescued from a life of neglect and abuse.
To keep their sanctuary running, feed animals in need, and offer crucial veterinary care, they need 100 people to sponsor the Sanctuary for only 500THB per month ($16USD, €15, £13, $25AUD).
Such a small gift each month means they can keep the sanctuary running, keep the Horses happy and healthy.
With 100 people in our winners circle we will able to cover all the costs of running the shelter – buying food, veterinary care, a support worker, water and rent of the premises.
Winners get exclusive updates on what is happening at the Sanctuary.
Exclusive invites to visit.
First options on tickets to events and fundraisers.
Thank you gifts and certificates.

Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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