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For Just $AUS 5/ 110 บาท a week – you can save 100’s of animals from a life of neglect, starvation and suffering each and every month.
Samui is drowning in abandoned animals and unwanted puppies and kittens – Soi Dog have commenced their Island Wide Neutering Program so our timeline for financing the proposed permanent High Volume Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release Facility (CNVR) is set – WE HAVE 6 MONTHS!!
We need everyone to subscribe NOW as we will need an advance in running costs before we start.
We only need 1000 people to subscribe for just FIVE DOLLARS per week, this will give enough of a guaranteed monthly cash flow to run the facility as a full FREE service – Including catching dogs, sterilization & vaccination.
$AUS 5/ 110 บาท a week isn’t a lot of money, even during these difficult and uncertain times, you get to know that your money is making a REAL difference to the lives of animals on Koh Samui.
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The Rob of Rob’s Dogs.
Rob passed away on the 7th of March 2010, he died suddenly of a heart attack while at the gym. Losing him was such a shock to his family and loved ones.
Rob was a huge dog lover, he donated to many Australian based dog charities and always ministered to street dogs on his trips to Thailand.
After Rob passed away his wife inherited his modest estate, at first she wasn’t sure what to do with his money, she had thought about donating it all to one of his preferred charities in Australia, but then she visited Bali and saw the horrific state on dogs in Bali and decided to use some of his money to move to Bali and volunteer with a dog charity there.
Since those humble beginnings Rob’s Dogs has grown into an organization in its own right and his widow moved from Bali to Thailand (Rob’s favorite place) to assist even more dogs, Robs dogs is now working with abused and neglected dogs in many countries all across the world including: Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Bosnia and Australia.
We think that Rob would be so proud of all that his namesake has achieved and all our plans for the future.

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Is all about celebrating inspiration woman – Like
Pro Steril Indonesia founder Tina Krishandy
This is her amazing story:
It all started back in 2012 when I first came to rescue kittens that had been dumped at the traditional markets in Jakarta. This work was just never ending, day after day I would find a new kitten thrown away in the garbage bins. I saw so many mumma cats with their kittens hanging out in abandoned stores. The mumma cats looking so skinny and exhausted struggling to get enough to make milk to feed her babies. Her little kittens all suffering bad infections of their eyes.
It was at this time that I realized the solution to this problem way to do sterilizations rather than just rescuing!
So my goal for Pro-steril Indonesia is simple…to undertake as many sterilizations as possible. We are a grass roots group operating without overheads and relying on donations of time, money and supplies. We regularly undertake village sterilization days in Bali for low income families and street dogs. Bali has around 2 million stray dogs, the Government in Bali regular undertakes “elimination” programs to reduce the population, and we believe that sterilization as opposed to elimination to reduce the population of unwanted dogs & cats.
We want all animals to have a chance at a good life.
Sawan Maa – สวรรค์ม้า – Happy Horse Sanctuary Update.
Last week was busy & stressful week at the Equine Sanctuary.
On Thursday Rob’s Dogs volunteers assisted in the castration of Bruno – Bruno is a white pony recently rescued from an animal tourism business on Samui – with no tourists the owners couldn’t afford to pay staff to look after him or to feed him – he came to Sabrina’s attention because some concerned Samui residents posted about his plight on a community Facebook page, Sabrina quickly swung into action, going to speak with the owners – negotiating his release into here care – the community was generous in donations to to help feed Bruno so he could be restored to health.
Then early Friday morning our volunteer received an urgent message from Sabrina – saying that Baby was ill & she thought he was dying, Sabrina had gotten up early to check on Bruno after his castration, the horses & ponies were behaving very strangely, that’s when she realized that Baby wasn’t there. She called for him, but he didn’t come, she went looking or him and found him halfway up the hill – lying down, she could tell immediately that there was something really wrong.
he was not moving and at first Sabrina thought he was dead. Sabrina called for her daughter Shania to come help – he was breathing very labored and making no visible reactions at all. Sabrina wasn’t sure what had happened and gave him medicine for poisoning, once Shania arrived they managed to roll him over, which is when we discovered a 30cm root had lodged in his abdomen,. We are still not sure what happened exactly – but somehow he managed to fall on top of the protruding root. There was a deep hole and it caused a hernia. He must have been lying there in agony for many hours. We called someone with medical experience in regards to horses & while we waited for her to arrive we attempted to rehydrate baby with coconut water.
When the volunteer arrived we administered pain relief, anti inflammatory & he was stitched up, so after sitting with him in the field for around 6 hours we were able to get him up & into the recovery pen.
We were getting Baby all settled and comfortable when Bruno (in the next recovery pen) who’s hormones will take about 2 weeks to subside after his castration – saw Sandy our female thoroughbred & he jumped out of his compound! Over a fence of 120cm fence (he is about 110cm). he then jumped the fence into the field where Sandy was hanging out, then chaos reigned!
Sabrina was already so stressed and anxious just about broke down at this – it was her worst nightmare of what cab happen when a young stallion gets close to a mare. Running, jumping, kicking, biting around in the field. Full moon, Joey and Phoenix protecting their girl and fighting Bruno off…. We finally caught her and then things calmed down. Bruno got put back in his pen – our amazing helper Min made the fence taller & Bruno was still trying to get over it.
We were all already so exhausted and then this. Min build his fence higher and he even tried to get out from it.
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For our Samui CNVR Facility.

Our facility will be sterilizing a minimum of 300 animals per month – contributing not only to animal welfare on the island but also contributing to the local economy.
Your company can secure full naming rights to our facility for just $20,000aud (around 400,000thb) per month – your company will be directly responsible for preventing the birth of over 42 MILLION unwanted animals each and every month!
Sponsoring our CNVR facility will – Improve your brand perception – Attract new customers – Increase employee satisfaction – Give you a reputation as a business that gives back.
What your company will get:
Naming rights ie: The (Your Company Name) CNVR Facility
Your company name on the building, all the vehicles and all staff & volunteer tee-shirts
Monthly report on how many animals were sterilized, broken down by species and gender.
Profile of the sterilization team that you can use in your communications.
Logo exposure on www.robsdogs.net.au and link to your site.
Minimum once a month thank you post on all Rob’s Dogs social media sites.
Invitation to visit should any of your management or staff wish to see the program in action.
Invoiced monthly.
Fully tax deductible in Australia.

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Sawan Maa – สวรรค์ม้า – Happy Horse Sanctuary

Our helper Min, has just been a God-send for us.
Before we hired him we asked around and were told the usual salary for a local worker is 50b per hour (A bit over $2aud) we all felt that was such a small amount of money that we could easily justify the cost. Min applied for our part time job and was fine with an hourly rate of 50b. We employ Min from 8am-12miday, However he travels from Bophut which is located on the opposite side of the Island form the Sanctuary, this adds an extra hour an half to his day – not to mention the petrol he uses travelling to us. So we give him an extra 50b per day to help cover those costs.
Min told us when he started that he knew nothing about horses, but that he grew up on a cow farm so he’s not scared of large animals. We set him to work immediately to clean the fields, the horses had been standing in mud and soil that had fermented with the straw we lay down, this was causing issues in their hooves, most of them were suffering from thrush. Thrush is very time consuming and expensive to treat and we just never seemed to get on top of it until now.
Min has dug trenches to divert water from the rain out of the fields to avoid creating mud holes or flooding areas where they like to urinate.
He then set to work on fixing the hay barn (which was falling over) and building a nice shelter for our Happy. He pulled down the falling over hay barn and built a new structure, where we can store food and tools. He has built special enclosures for Happy and Popeye so they can be taken off their ropes and have space to wander around freely. Both Popeye and Happy are very skinny from dental problems so they needed to be separated from the others to make sure they get all the food a they need.
Min has saved us over 22,000thb (over $900aud) that we were quoted to build a new hay barn.
He is super resourceful and uses whatever we have lying around, or what he can find on our property. We make sure he has access to good tools to help make his job easier and he takes good care of the tools, keeping them safe and dry, cleaning them after use & repairing them if they get broken.
Occasionally we have to buy supplies for him to work with, and sometimes he ends up staying all day so he can complete a project he is working on to his satisfaction.
All the animals that call the Sanctuary home love him, when the dogs hear his motorbike down the road they start running in high speed to go out and greet him.
He helps by cooking food for the dogs, he loves to feed the dogs and saves us loads of time by buying food from Makro on his way in the mornings.
When he’s working in the fields the horses will be following him about like the pied piper, because if he find a coconut while cleaning he will open it and let them eat the flesh inside. Coconuts are a super food and very nutritious, we used to have to supplement their meals with grated coconut – now that Min feeds them fallen coconuts we save money on having to buy grated coconut.
Our long term plans with Min include cultivating our own grass growing area, we are also planting papaya, bananas and watermelons for the horses as they love all these fruits . We will have a new tank and irrigation system to water this area of the sanctuary. Of course the plants will grow so well as we have the very best manure on all of Samui!
We are grateful to have Min – he has done so much to make the lives better for all of here at Sawan Maa – The horses, dogs and us humans.

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See how much the animals love Min
(Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release)

In September 2020 we launched the Samui CNVR project – This was a partnership between RDF and our friends at
DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation
This was a really important project targeting the islands HARD to catch dogs.
This program was run by Beverley Makemson who worked tirelessly over the 6 months to get as many dogs done as humanly possible.
Dog overpopulation creates human – dog relation issues, and often results in abuse such as poisonings which we are currently seeing all across the island.
We know that elimination programs are not the solution to population control and the only ethical and humane way to tackle overpopulation issues is through sterilization.
We used a variety of methods to catch these dogs, and it can take anywhere from hours to days to catch just one dog! Bearing in mind that just one unsterilized female dog can generate 67,000 puppies – it was time very well spent.
First we surveyed the location where the dog is – to see if there are any areas we can trap the dog, we also ask if there are people living close who know the dog and can touch or feed the dog. If there is no possibility of this we look at different methods to catch the dog, we have a trapping cage, which isn’t often successful as street dogs are way too smart to just get in cage because there’s food in there.
The team will try using a noose pole or a net to catch the dog, we also try having sleepy stuff in the food, if none of these methods are applicable, as a last resort we will dart the dog.
This is a last resort because it is very expensive – the darts themselves are ฿700 ($32AUD) per dart, and while they can be reused, they often get bitten by dogs trying to pull them out or the dogs run away with the dart in them and we can’t find the dog again. Then we need to fill the dart with enough anesthetic to put the dog to sleep – this is also very expensive average cost is ฿200 ($9AUD) for a standard sized Thai dog. So just to dart a dog costs nearly ฿1000 ($45AUD) not counting the wages for the dart man or paying for the sterilizing.
We had a list of over 100 hard to catch dogs that we wanted to get done over the course of 6 months – the project has now wrapped up with the arrival of
Soi Dog Foundation
– we did 92 dogs over the course of the project – which is just amazing given how hard to catch some of the dogs on our list have been.
We spent ฿98,160 ($4,138AUD). Getting all those 92 dogs done. The program prevented the birth of 48,106,000 unwanted dogs on Koh Samui.
This project was fully funded by donations
We plan to continue this important work after Soi dog finished their island wide project – as there will need to be maintenance program in place so that we don’t get another population explosion.

You can support our ongoing work in Sterilization on Samui by signing up to be a regular donor
ROB’S DOGS: Started unofficially in March – 7 years ago!
When our founder took home a mangey little puppy.
It was the start of Rob’s Dogs and the important we are doing all over south east Asia.
Here is the story of how she met & feel in love with MOE – the first ever Rob’s Dog.
Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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