MAY 2020 Monthly Update

Samui Elephant Haven was on the receiving end of some incredible kindness in may. With COVID-19 affecting tourism across the globe and over a thousand elephants facing starvation in Thailand, a small group of elephant lovers made a positive change for the largest ethical sanctuary on Koh Samui.
Contacts from little black books were shared; Ekaphol Pongstabhon, Managing Director of Tipco Foods PCL., was called and the plight of elephants on Thailand’s second-largest island explained. With immediate attention, his factory in Prachuap Khiri Khan province was spurred into action to collect the waste from the pineapples that are used to make fruit juice. Over 100 tonnes of pineapple tops and trees were promised over three weeks and more to come in the future.
Local residents came together to welcome the first truckload off the ferry at the RajaFerryPort with intrigued monks and police standing-by to ensure social distancing was practised and obligatory masks were worn. Volunteers from across the island offered their pick-up trucks and manpower and large trucks and teams of workers were provided by Samui PongPetch.
Dr Techarat Kensakhou Hill was an integral part of the team offering communication in Thai and being the lynchpin in negotiations and logistics throughout. Channel Three, the nations favourite channel, was present to document this heartwarming story.
The pandemic has brought together incredible people who want to make a change for a ‘new future’. Life will never be the same again, and it is during these times that the future can be reinvented. It is time to change business models for tourism, products, campaigns or policies relevant to multiple areas including society and culture, supply chains and manufacturing, animals and humans. To maximise this opportunity, there is a need to unite as a community and engage with everyone. Samui Elephant Haven strives to bring together an incredibly diverse range of people and create a new normal.
You can donate to the Haven here.

You can also buy a Beautiful Elephant Tea Towel, a Boutique Linen Cotton Tea Towel from Rob’s Dogs and Samui Elephant Haven, featuring a cool Elephant Design design by Heather Anderson. ONLY $20 AUD, Dimensions: 50 x 70cm
All of the money raised from the sale of these tea towels goes to Samui Elephant Haven. Includes FREE Australia wide shipping.

The 13th of May we rememberd Doris Day she passed  in 2019. An inspiration to our founder and why we focus so heavily on sterilization. Doris Day started world Spay Day and spent most of her life rescuing animals. Unfortunatley we have had to temporarily suspend both our Bali & Koh Samui sterilizing programs. Bali is suspended until at least June 2020, when the situation will be reevaluated and decision made about its ability to continue. Koh Samui is suspended temporarily as the vets we normally use are stock on the mainland and unable t come to Samui. We negotiated with several other animal welfare groups and vets on the island about developing a plan to continue sterilizations, because while most humans may be stuck inside – dogs are out about and still getting pregnant. Dog and Cat Rescue Samui came to our aid & will help us to keep on top of our girwinf list until another solution can be found.  You can donate to both our programs here.  Rest assured that as soon as we are able to start sterilizing again we will be and your money will only be used to fund sterilization projects.

As our volunteers around the world remain in Quarantine, we have more time to spend on our administration tasks, as well as our Knitting program, if you would like to join us in knitting clothes for underprivileged kids in northern Thailand, we knit and crochet items for Toys for Thailand who distribute to needy families.

We have been knitting for over 3 years & more volunteers join each year – knit or crochet at your own pace – we will arrange for collection and delivery of items.
Check out some of our previous work here:

NO MEAT MAY: During no meat may we encouraged people to buy a copy of our digital vegan cookbook. Some people are thinking of going plant based but are worried it will only be salads and weird ingredients like quinoa!
But not to worry! We take vegan cuisine to a whole new level! Our modern take on classic dishes shows that eating plant based doesn’t have to be scary OR boring!
Written by one of our supporters who is passionate about empathetic cooking, and has spent years adapting and perfecting family favorite recipes in a compassionate manner, she has gifted us the cookbook to raise money and awareness for the plight of animals worldwide.
This collection of 50 recipes, many of which are classic Australian recipes including: Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Toad in the Hole, Sausage loaf, Lemon slice, caramel slice, vanilla slice and Yo-yo’s. Heavily influenced by the authors time in Asia it includes classic Asian dishes such as: Mango “Chicken”, Lemon “Chicken”, Mongolian “Beef”, Sweet Chili “Chicken: and Thai Pumpkin Soup.
In addition to the amazing recipes, the author has included a list of essential vegan ingredients, with descriptions on what the ingredients are and what they can be used for. The recipes each has clear easy to follow instructions with step by step full color photographs.
With additional recipes covering essentials such as cheese, milk, dough’s and sweeteners, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S VEGAN celebrates compassionate cooking without the loss of taste!  
Buy your copy here.

We launched a new program on Samui: PAWS with a CAUSE

A Pawfect Foster Program.
Part of why we started Rob’s Dogs was because we didn’t like seeing healthy happy dogs go into shelters – but leaving dogs on the streets can be dangerous, with little protection and care for the dogs. We feel that putting dogs in shelters is not an effective long term solution. Most street dogs don’t like to be confined, and shelters need a lot of money to keep running well. A badly run shelter is heartbreaking for anyone who has to come in and try and fix the problems. As we all know Covid-19 has affected everyone’s life in ways we couldn’t possibly have conceived including crashing the economy globally. We are seeing lots of local Thai and Myanmarese out of work and unable to buy food for themselves and their families. Welfare groups on Samui have been working hard to distribute food aid packs, but we need to be looking at long term sustainable solutions. What if we could address both issues? Dogs living on streets and hungry locals? Enter: Paws with a Cause!

A long term sponsorship program that seeks to place vulnerable street dogs with low income Thai and Myanmarese families. The families agree to take in a street dog, we supply the food for the dog, medical care and other essential items, AND the family gets a small monthly financial donation as a thank you – helping them to buy food for themselves. WIN-WIN. We are seeking companies or individuals willing to sign up to monthly donations to cover the costs of running this program.
You will get:

Certificate of thanks featuring your dog

Naming rights for your dog

Monthly update on your dog

Monthly thank you on the Rob’s Dogs Facebook page

Invitation to see your dog if you are visiting Koh Samui

Tax Deductible for Australians


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