Welcome to the Rob’s Dogs Monthly Update.

A huge round of A-PAWS to all the people who have made one off donations to help set up the CNVR Facility in Samui.
You are all PAW-SOME!
Rik Haubensak
Anonymous Donor
Simone Caflisch
Maya Wahrenberger-Hof
Members of VEGANS ON KOH SAMUI who have bought vegan goodies from us.
Penny Kimber
Brent Jones
Mel Fisher
Deanne Hassett
Dmitry Shurupov & Victoria Shurupova
Keira Vassallo
Angela McGuire
my healthy me
Ester & Emil
Katie Hollamby
David Elsey
Spida OO
Sonya Turner
Pia J Laahne
Rory Cain
Linda Russell Coyner
Azura Hassan
Elena Osadchaya
Secret Garden Beach Resort
You can make a one off donation to help us raise the set up money we need & you can also subscribe to be an ongoing sponsor – helping us cover monthly running costs for the facility.
DONATE NOW (Multi Currency)
Ways you can help fundraise for Rob’s Dogs:
Run a birthday fundraiser
Run a bake sale
Host a car wash
Run a casual day at work or school
Put donation boxes at local businesses (message us for a box)
Encourage all your friends to use one of our online shopping partners
Ask all your family & friends to become a Fiver Subscriber
Host a dogs day out
Knit or sew dog jumpers we can sell online & at markets
Keep a loose change box at home & donate to Rob’s dogs once full
Hold a workplace morning tea
Have a stall at a local market
Run an online auction
Host a movie night
Run a sausage sizzle
Host a wine & cheese night

We have posters & social media images for all these ideas – we can customize for you – or if you have your own idea – we can supply designs for that as well. Just message us!
Message us for custom fundraising graphics
Can you forgo that extra coffee or cake and donate $5 to Rob’s Dogs each Friday?

We need all our followers to subscribe NOW as we will need an advance in running costs before we start.
We only need 1000 people to subscribe for just FIVE DOLLARS per week, this will give enough of a guaranteed monthly cash flow to run the facility as a full FREE service – Including catching dogs, sterilization & vaccination.
$AUS 5/ 110 บาท a week isn’t a lot of money, even during these difficult and uncertain times, you get to know that your money is making a REAL difference to the lives of animals on Koh Samui.
Don’t forget that all donations are tax deducible in Australia!

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Did you know that Rob’s Dogs is a deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)?
This means that donations (over $2) made to Rob’s Dogs will be tax deductible. If you donate via our website you will automatically receive an Australian tax receipt.
Pay less tax – earn more good karma! WIN – WIN
You can view our authorization here:
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Looking to eat less meat? 
Make life easier and buy our Vegan cookbook – it has loads of traditional Australian recipes – reimagined in a compassionate manner.
The book is an instant email download – with over 50 fabulous recipes and NO crazy ingredients.
100% of the sales price goes to sterilize dogs in South East Asia: ONE BOOK = ONE DOG Sterilized!
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Round of A-Paws to Nicholas Dixon who donated a bag of dry food to The Talign Nam Dog Run on Koh Samui.
We welcome donations of individual bags of dry food – for both the Talign nam run & Terris’ run in Lamai.

Donations are tax deductible for Australians.

Dry Food Donation
Sugar & Spice are our first sponsored foster dogs.
Maria Linsley is their super proud sponsor mummy.
In February Sugar was hit by a car, we raced her down to see Dr Sith from DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation who quickly assed her. She has now fully recovered.
Stay tuned for more updates.

A Huge round of A-PAWS to Clifford England, Ester & Emil for donating towards a cat trap cage.
Some of the more wild cats on Samui can be very hard to catch & when we start sterilizing full time – we will need a heap of these trapping cages so we can catch the island’s prolific breeders.
If you are In Thailand you can buy us one on Lazada & have it shipped to us.

If you are in other countries you can make a donation via our website & specify its for cat traps.
Each trap costs 1500thb ($60aud)
We are so grateful for your support.

Buy Cat Trap on Lazada
Donate to Pay for a Cat Trap

After over year of not being allowed to sterilize in Bali – the team all got vaccinated and held a small trial sterilization event!
It was organized by our parters at Pro Steril Indonesia
With support from the always amazing Drh Karnarta.
They sterilized a massive 35 ANIMALS!
Female dog 21
Male dog 9
Female cat 4
Male cat 1
Based on Peta estimates that’s over 1.8 MILLION dogs and 1.8 MILLION cats that won’t be born to a life of neglect and abuse on the mean streets of Bali.
We are honored to work with such a dedicated group and are so grateful that hey can sterilize again.
We would like to thank our donors that helped make this event such a success:
Liza Lee
Heather Barry
Theodosia Lucas
Ian & Anne Louise Murphy
Deanne Hassett
Ryan Coughlin
And everyone who donated to Heather Barry’s & Rebecca Anne Cain‘s Birthday fundraiser’s last year – we have hung onto your money until we could use it for this!

To sponsor Prosteril’s program email us for a proposal:

Donate to Prosteril
Email us for Sponsorship Proposal

Have you thought about what happens after YOU cross Rainbow Bridge?
Did you know that you can leave a gift to Rob’s Dogs in your will?
Check out our guide to the different types of donations you can make

Will Donations

PAWS WITH A CAUSE: International Rehoming
A pawfect adoption program 🐶
Recently we decided to expand our Paws with a cause project to include international rehoming as well as local fostering.
Jules Amana & her partner rescued a litter of puppies that had been dumped in the jungle and left to die.
She has found homes for most of them – both locally and internationally – she needed some help getting the funding together to get the dogs to their new homes. We set up a fundraiser to help her get all the puppies sterilized, vaccinated and flight ready to go to their new homes.
We are proud to announce that 2 of the rescue pups have now arrived in their FUR-ever homes!
You can read their thank you message below. Thank-you to all who donated – you have made a difference to the lives of these forgotten little souls.
It has only been a year since we first came up with the idea of PWAC – the project is growing into division of RDF mid last week we got the news that the Greater Good Network will feature PWAC on their site! This is great news for our American supporters who can now easily donate via the GG site.
They also have a shop that has some wonderful animal themed products with money going back into animal welfare.

Message from Jules:
On Sunday (16/5/2021), two little abandoned jungle pups arrived in Europe and into the adoring arms of their forever families . The joy that Nala and Marena are already bringing to their wonderful adopters makes all of the anxiety and fear from the last 6 months worth it! For Nala’s dad, it was a double celebration, as Sunday was his birthday, and he said that Nala is the best gift he’s ever had! Every dog is worth saving and deserves to have a human or two fighting for their right to have a wonderful life. Despite their tragic start in life, our jungle pups are so lucky that they inspired a whole community of amazing humans to spring up around the world to help save them.
Palm and I could not have done this without EVERY SINGLE ONE of you wonderful, generous donors who contributed to this fund. Your kindness has helped us and the pups so much. We are very hopeful that we will get Bailey home next month too, and will keep you posted! We are more grateful than we can express. Thank you so so much. xxx

Check out our listing on Greater Good
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