Welcome to the Rob’s Dogs Monthly Update.

November 1st is World Vegan Day.
It is an opportunity to promote the benefits of a vegan diet and veganism in general.
We always encourage our supporters to try at least one day a week meat free – just one day a week saves countless lives, water & natural resources.
There is nothing super weird about eating a vegan diet, it can be healthy and delicious – our cookbook has 50 easy to make & yummy recipes, and 100% of sale price goes straight to funding our sterilization projects.
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(Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release)
In September we launched the Samui CNVR project – a partnership with our friends at DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation.
This is a very important project in tackling the problems of Dog overpopulation.
We have a target of doing 100 dogs over the next six months, in October we did 26 dogs, this is a massive effort from the team.A ROUND OF A-PAWS…..
To all our CNVR Donors:
Susan Field, Kiraya, Terri Tyler, Corie Francis, Lynn Grebstad, Fiona Day, Alison Freeden, Peter Randall, Chloe Straker, Barbara Croft, Esther & Emil, Jill Dodds, Rista, Banjo Robb, Bobby

Without all you amazing an generous people – we wouldn’t have been able to Catch & Sterilize these 37 dogs!
You have saved 3.6 MILLION Lives!

Big Thanks to  Beverly Makemson who manages the darting program, her husband Adam Makemson who has helps catch dogs & supplies transport.
Kun Goon from DCRS – the expert darter.

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On Thursday 19th of November we our usual monthly pop-up sterilization event.
We sterilized a total of 15 animals – 9 of which were female dogs & 5 of which were female cats. Which according to PETA estimates is over 2.4 MILLION dogs and cats that will not be born into a lifetime of neglect.
We try to run these community sterilization events at least once a month, in December we will be holding 2 events as well as continuing with our CNVR (darting) partnership with DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation.
We have a HUGE list of dogs and cats to get through – please consider becoming a regular donor.
We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following people and places without who’s help we couldn’t run these events.
Lindsey Archbold who is always so kind an accommodating to let us use her place ❤
Dow RuayPech who is the best project manager & coordinates all the bookings and liaises with solo rescuers & does all the translating work. We are so grateful to have her help.
Terri Tyler, Clifford England, Deanne Hassett, Jane Brazier, Esther & Emil from kern-stiftung, Bev & Adam Makemson and Pia J Laahne for all donating to help cover costs and enable us to offer free spots to really needy dogs & cats.
Coffeehub for running the most excellent Ultimutt Pancake Party where we raised nearly 6,000thb ($272aud).
Ratisha Pharmacy for supplying the meds.
FluffyHome PetHotel for arranging the vet services and all their ongoing support of our work here on Samui.
To everyone who supports or donates to Rob’s dogs – we thank you all. None of our work is possible without your ongoing support.
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Rob’s Dogs has joined the Shopnate website, it’s a portal that helps charities raise money in a simple, unique way. It’s free to use, it’s easy to use and can make a big difference!
Shop with over 680 retailers including Woolworths, Booktopia, ASOS, Booking.com, eBay, Target, and Expedia. Every time you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for Rob’s dogs every time, it’s that easy!
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Update on Sugar & Spice:
Late October we took both Sugar & Spice to be sterilized.
Just in time as they were starting to get unwanted attention from local males.
We are in need of one off donations to help cover the cost of their sterilization and vaccination – if you can make a one off donation to help.

The girls are growing up very happy & healthy – a huge round of A-PAWS to their sponsor Maria Linsley who has ensured these girls will never know the hard life of a street dog on Samui.

Sugar & Spice living the good life
If you would like to join Maria we have another dog needing a sponsor – her name is Foxy & she would LOVE a sponsor!
If you sponsor Foxy you will get:
Certificate of thanks featuring your dog
Naming rights for your dog
Monthly update on your dog
Monthly thank you on the Rob’s Dogs Facebook page
Invitation to see your dog if you are visiting Koh Samui
Tax Deductible for Australians


Sponsor Foxy

We have created 4 beautiful dog themed high quality Christmas cards.
These are high res so you can print at home or take to your local printer and print your own beautiful Christmas cards.

We just ask that if you use and enjoy our free cards you make a small donation to Robs dogs.
All donations from cards will be used to fund more sterilizations.

Download Free Xmas Cards
We are looking for Businesses to partner with us so we can continue our important projects.
WHY SPONSOR a Rob’s Dogs Project?

• Improve your brand perception.
• Attract new customers.
• Increase employee satisfaction.
• Be known as a business that gives back.

We have loads of great sponsorship opportunities starting as LOW as $75AUD per month.

• Naming rights for the project (Ie: “Your Brand Samui sterilizing program)
• Certificate of thanks from us
• Monthly update on your project
• Logo exposure on www.robsdogs.net.au and link to your site.
• Monthly thank you on the Rob’s Dogs social media pages
• Invitation to visit should you or any of your staff wish to see your program in action
• Invoiced monthly
• Fully tax deductible in Australia

Message us now to find out what opportunities are available that will fit your company’s budget and values.

Email us for more Information
A Big round of a-PAWS to the team Coffeehub who ran a wonderful fundraiser for us on the 6th of November.
We raised nearly 6000thb ($268aud). This can cover over 8 animals to be sterilized.
Thanks to Chalarm Steehouwer, Elena Osadchaya & Dow RuayPech for all their hard work.
Thanks to all who attended and donated, none of our work is possible without your support.
Christmas is just around the corner & most people will be starting their Christmas shopping.
What will you give your family & friends this year?
Please think carefully about your gifts this year & pledge to buy cruelty free & compassionate gifts.
Shop cruelty free gifts in our store
Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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