September  2020 Monthly Update
September 28th was World Rabies day:
Rob’s Dogs supports programs of Sterilization and vaccination to control rabies. NEVER elimination.
Rabies mortality in both humans and animals is on the decline in right across the world– however many governments around the world still conduct elimination programs in a misguided attempt to control rabies.
This years theme of Rabies day is “Collaborate- Vaccinate” focusing on the need for vaccination.
Can you forgo that extra coffee or cake and donate $5 to Rob’s Dogs each Friday?
Over two months your donations will cover sterilizing ONE Female dog or cat in Thailand – Preventing the birth of over 67,000 unwanted puppies or kittens and will buy ONE bottle of Ivomec which is enough to treat ONE dog suffering from mange for a month of treatment (usually one month is all that’s needed).
Five dollars goes a long way in Thailand–we can do so much with regular contributions.
Don’t forget that all donations are tax deducible in Australia!
Thank you to the staff at
Horizon Café Samui
who have put one of our donation boxes in their cafe.
Horizon is all about keeping things local, supporting local farmers, businesses and charities. We love their philosophy.
If you are on Samui and would like a donation box at your shop/restaurant/resort etc. please Message us – we have three great designs to choose from.
If you are in Melbourne and would like a box at your shop/restaurant/workplace etc. please email us & we will arrange one to be delivered.
Motorcycle Sidecar Fundraiser

Thank you to all who donated to our Motorcycle sidecar fundraiser!

We now have our new transport (pictured).
We desperately needed this for our  Samui S&N program, we used it this past Saturday & we so happy at all the extra equipment she could carry & the animals she could offer to deliver due to having the space in the sidecar.

We raised 15,000thb (Approx $700aud) for the bike – however the lovely man who sold us the bike gave us a HUGE discount once he found out it was going to be used to help animals!

So we could put the spare money into our Samui S&N events.

On Saturday the 12th of September we ran a cats only sterilization day with Animalia Pet Hospital
This was our first event partnering with Animalia & we couldn’t be happier with the way it went. There are a few operational bugs we need to work out on our side to make things easier for them, but nothing we cant do.
They sterilized a total of 9 cats – 8 of which were female cats. According to PETA estimates is over 2.9 MILLION cats that will not be born into a lifetime of neglect.
We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following people and places without who’s help we couldn’t have run this event:
Beverly Makemson who negotiated the deal with Animalia.
Members of VEGANS ON KOH SAMUI who buy vegan goodies from us.
Ratisha Pharmacy for supplying the aftercare meds.
Alice Fedulova, Clifford England, The Bread Basket, Ruby platts mills & Thanatchaporn Pengjun for sponsoring free female cat sterilization spots.
Fluffy Home for supplying the rabies vaccines.
(Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release)
We are proud to launch the Samui CNVR project – we have entered into a partnership with our friends at
DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation
to undertake this really important program.
We have a target of doing 100 dogs over the next six months and we estimate costs for each dog to be darted, caught and sterilized at around ฿1,000 ($44AUD).
This program would prevent the birth of 6,700,000 of unwanted dogs. (Source PETA)
On Saturday 26th September we our usual monthly pop-up sterilization event.
We sterilized a total of 15 animals – 10 of which were female dogs & 4 of which were female cats. Which according to PETA estimates is over 2.1 MILLION dogs and cats that will not be born into a lifetime of neglect.
You can check out the photos in our Samui Sterilizing Photo album.
We try to run these community sterilization events at least every month, next month we are holding two pop-up events & continuing with our CNVR (darting) partnership with DCRS – Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation
We have a HUGE list of dogs and cats to get through – please consider becoming a regular donor:…/1-x-female-dog…/
We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following people and places without who’s help we couldn’t run these events.
Sam Layton for giving us a discount on buying his Salang – the spare money has been used to sterilize street dogs & cats at this event.
Clifford England for covering the costs of free places for low income owners.
Alice Fedulova for covering cots of free places for street cats.
Chalarm Wesley who covered 5 free places for the girls at คนรักสัตว์สมุย ( Animal lover koh Samui )
they have lots of requests for help – so we are proud to support their work.
Members of VEGANS ON KOH SAMUI for buying vegan goodies from us.
The Bread Basket,Odile Burlier Huchet,Terri TylerHeike Ufer for donations of time and money.
Lindsey Archbold for again supplying the location which is just so perfect for our needs.
Ratisha Pharmacy for supplying the meds.
FluffyHome PetHotel for arranging the vet services and all their ongoing support of our work here on Samui.
Thank you to all our kind and generous supporters so far– none of this is possible without you.

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