September 2020 Monthly Update

September  2020 Monthly Update September 28th was World Rabies day: Rob’s Dogs supports programs of Sterilization and vaccination to control rabies. NEVER elimination. Rabies mortality in both humans and animals is on the decline in right across the world– however many governments around the world still conduct elimination programs in a misguided attempt to control

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Terri’s Happy Hounds – August 2020

TERRI'S HAPPY HOUNDS - August 2020 Luna has 8 surviving puppies... about 9 days old today (August 5th) .... they cannot stay where they are... though they must stay with mummy for at least another 2 months. She’s a small black retriever with a beautiful coat.. Remember this little guy???? New addition to the camp

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Sawan Maa

August 2020 Update Hello all our fabulous equine lovers. It has been a very busy couple of months at the Sanctuary and we wanted to update you on what has been going on.  To promote a private sanctuary on Koh Samui which many people did not even know existed, has been both challenging and rewarding.

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August 2020 Monthly Update

August  2020 Monthly Update Now that Melbournians & most of regional Victoria need to wear a mask - one of our dedicated volunteers is making  lovely unique handmade face masks. In August we split the proceeds between our Samui S&N programme and Samui Elephant Haven raising over $150 for each project. In September the proceeds  will

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