June 2022 Monthly Update

Welcome to the Rob's Dogs Monthly Newsletter  Samui Sterilization Project Thank-You  Our deepest gratitude to the following people who donated to help us buy the first round of medical supplies we need: Clifford England - who's donation paid for needle holders, uterine hooks & one instrument tray. Simone Caflisch who's donation paid for surgical scissors

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Terri’s Happy Hounds – March 2022

Welcome to Terri's Happy Hounds Newsletter! Blackey is home... she’s completed 6 weeks of hospital care, supplements and meds however has not put on any weight... she’s lost a total of 4 kg and is still not eating more than a mouthful...  need to find out what else is wrong .. more tests ASAP...  Bubba is still desperately

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March 2022 Monthly Update

#SamuiSpayAThon Rob’s Dogs ran a HUGE Spay-a-thon over the weekend. Sterilizing 37 animals over the 2 days & preventing the birth of over 10 million unwanted animals. Our work on Samui is currently a very small grass roots movement – we operate without overheads and rely on donations of time, money and supplies. We worked

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