Luna has 8 surviving puppies… about 9 days old today (August 5th) …. they cannot stay where they are… though they must stay with mummy for at least another 2 months. She’s a small black retriever with a beautiful coat..
Remember this little guy???? New addition to the camp at the end of my road in late June… as you can see… he’s growing into what looks like a German Shepherd …. gorgeous sweet friendly boy … had his first vaccination today and was exceptionally brave about it…( for a boy!). They take the very best care of their dogs in that camp- And I rarely needed to feed them- but I was aware last week they are unusually very hungry and suddenly out in the main road scavenging- eating from me just dry biscuits swallowing whole mouthfuls- so clearly they aren’t able to provide for them at the moment… so that’s another 12 who need help.. and I need to add them to the round – I gave them a sack of dog food a week ago but that’s finished. They need a 20 kg sack every week…
Special thanks to Jess today for her patience and help- spending 3 hours find everyone, separate and feed and give monthly preventative meds and for being chief photographer !
August 15th – A very long day… 4 beautiful dogs sterilized… thousands of unwanted puppies prevented…( most of whom have short miserable lives and die anyway of malnutrition, disease, or accidents on the roads here) these dogs have had their quality of life improved and their lifespan and health greatly increased… they should now live long, happy and healthy lives… huge thanks to Rob’s Dogs for making this mammoth event happen, to Saori Müller and Ta Thimkaeo and Gary for very kindly and generously contributing to this, and to three incredible ladies for helping me with these dogs for 11 hours today…. Jasmine Puranen and Mahé Gry
and Elina without whom none of this could have happened… thank you 💕
The dogs were incredibly well behaved given today’s length and how frightening everything must have been… Thai dogs never cease to amaze me.
Photos coming and enough funding is left to hopefully part- fund a tranquilizer team ASAP. For the wild ones…. which are such a huge worry…
How many dogs are in the picture????
( clue: there’s 2 NOT in this photo-?puppy by my feet and Scar face)
The small camp at the end of my road.. I’ve known these dogs all their lives- vaccinated and sterilized them all- I give them regular de- worming and ivermectin… but up to now I haven’t had to feed them…their families love them very very much and take exceptionally good care of them.. now they’re often very hungry- I don’t go in there every day.. they’re all very tame and loving…( apart from Freckle who was actually the old man’s dog from French Street.. and Bushy’s brother… who’s not tame for me)
Dotty Luna’s puppies- 8 of them – desperately looking for homes….- they’ve stared walking around and today the landowner has put them out by the main road next to a bend with a water bowl and by the time we got there they were wandering in the road…. we’ve taken them 100 m further into the jungle and put a box for shelter and 2 low water bowls- mummy knows where they are and has plenty of milk…
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