TERRI’S HAPPY HOUNDS – December 2019

Ravens Puppies I have spent months looking- scouring the area on foot with many kind volunteers… no sign Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature… they must be 11 weeks old now- wild as anything.. no idea what they’ve been living off- Raven has not had milk for 3 weeks so I thought they were all dead….

Lily is most definitely babysitting… helping run the crèche…and eating most of the food.

Feeling depressed and overwhelmed…. an all encompassing feeling of sadness and despair.. puppies everywhere- finished my dog round- which now takes a full 2 hours- requires a lot of patience to find, feed , water and re visit Raven’s pups to try tame them and ensure they do both get a full meal- ( lots of puppy food gets wasted because can’t keep the adults from eating it)
After leaving Blackey – I stopped to give Panda some food and water- because she’s been tied up without even any water.…I turned right- unusually-to take the scenic route / back valley road to the ring road- immediately- about 100 m past Sooni’s junction a little white puppy lying in road- middle of nowhere- no houses… dumped????
There are 2- one is very tame and wants to come with me- the second one more shy- but warming to me in just 15 minutes…. I’m heartbroken having to leave them there- but what can I do????? 😭
I have fed, watered them- stayed long time to ensure they’ve both actually eaten- I’m sitting in my truck crying my eyes out now- I’ll add them to daily dog route- but once a day is not enough for puppies.

Today’s update- more ground clearing round Raven and couldn’t find her puppies 😱
The camp not only has the sickly 4 week old new pup the girl found on Friday… but another 2 the same- starving- look like they come from same litter- so now 9 new pups on my dog round- but at least these 3 are safe in a camp being loved.
The 2 white ones dumped in the middle of nowhere on their own…. both got some Bravecto today- and the tame one has had a coconut oil massage- hopefully her skin will calm down now over the next few days.Many thanks to Gilda Howe Anthony Howe from Bamboo Cafe for donating 20-30 kg sausages this week from an order mistake- very much appreciated- big job cooking them- every dog is getting 2 sausages a day… doggie Christmas!! thank you so very very much…Xxx

Puppies everywhere and another heartbreaking day on the round…. 9 puppies in 4 different locations- but only the 2 white ones are on their own and vulnerable- I think the tame female has a broken leg.. distraught 😩
They are both inside the dog crate I put there yesterday for shelter- when I got there tame girl came out- she can’t use her back right leg… 😭
They’re only about 2 months old…. and with her shy brother and bad skin I don’t know what to do 😱
If I take her he won’t survive- on his own…and I have no where to take her anyway……Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Thanks to the amazing, incredible dog whispering skills, patience and determination of Cheyna Ashley Stewart– this morning got both white puppies- couldn’t have left the shy, traumatized boy on his own- thank you thank you thank you for giving up your only day off . Love you..,
Sat outside vets now…..
UPDATE- vet doesn’t think girl has broken leg- though it is very swollen- typical motorbike injury- boy has bit of a fever- hopefully nothing serious..and he is very scared- but he copies her- so as long as they’re together he should learn/ progress- . They’re staying at vets for some tests- then to an experienced foster home… hooray… crying with joy.. thank you to all my friends for their advice, support and encouragement- hands on help donations and food!
A very sincere, heartfelt thanks to a very special man – Jon Ives for totally funding their initial treatment and care with a huge donation. Love your 💜 heart. Xx

The gorgeous dumped white puppies from deep in the Lamai valley- after the girls motorbike accident Elfe very kindly offered to take them in- this was the best Christmas present anyone could possibly give me…please sponsor or if you can’t , please share .. my heart was given totally to these two- dumped on their own with no chance of survival until Elfe stepped in….

Thank you to all my kind and generous supporters another month of Happy Hounds.


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