TERRI’S HAPPY HOUNDS – December 2020

Goldy Wonky and Girly have been missing 6 days- they’ve lived up my dead end road all their lives.. they are a pack- sterilized and vaccinated- it’s very very odd- nothing has changed- only Goldy is tame- I can’t find them anywhere.. anybody seen them?? Lamai back valley road near Golf driving range… worried sick now..
Also need a foster home for little Nina for 1 week from Saturday – she’s going for her sterilization operation and would like to keep her clean and dry for the week following…. she’s a poppet.
Busy December in the Lamai Valley with a huge increase in the number of dogs needing help…70+ dogs to feed and care for daily- and 4 sick- and more families asking for help most weeks..
Spay day yesterday very busy…scheduled some of Luna’s puppies (3) plus Sushi ( Alice’s girl pup who was already in season and being raped) and The gorgeous Nina..
Grateful thanks to the adoptive parents who have given fabulous homes to Luna’s puppies- a great surprise to see Chips yesterday Luna’s beautiful brown boy- thanks to adoptive parents Simon Burton and Gary – who have turned him into an amazing dog…
And I’m very grateful to those who donated for these sterilizations, Dave Griffiths, Maria Mia Hedelin and Heike Ufer.
Extremely grateful to Rebecca Anne Cain and Rob’s Dogs for her tireless efforts . Without you none of this would be possible…
Nina and Sushi are both in post- operative convalescence care- huge thanks to my friends who have taken on this task.
Gorgeous Nina puppy is urgently looking for a home…. 5 months old, fully vaccinated and sterilized- she is very very clever and very curious… needs an experienced family to socialize her and continue her training .. she’s currently in foster care following her sterilization operation but must leave there this Saturday…. they don’t want her in the camp.. they have asked me and my friends on numerous occasions if we can take her away… ( despite them bringing her in there themselves…. 😡)
she’s absolutely adapted to a home and is going to be heartbroken when I put her back in the camp… she’s used to living with dogs, small children, chickens and ducks…
Isn’t he gorgeous… 5 bowls of food later…!!!! Growing puppy ..And he sits and asks.. lovely manners gentle sweetheart..what joy.. I’m in love ..this chap has a family who clearly love him and have raised him well- his gentleness and manners prove that- just don’t have enough food…
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