TERRI’S HAPPY HOUNDS – February  2020

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog, outdoor and natureThank you Elisabeth Selby for helping for several hours on Monday- tablet day… and first combined vaccines for the 3 little siblings and 1st rabies shots for Dam, Sooni’s puppy Bow and Kannika’s cream fluffy girl puppy who is going to be absolutely ENORMOUS!!!!
That girl is on a list to be sterilized on World Spay Day- 22nd February
Dam is scheduled to be sterilized Tuesday 25th.
You may remember last autumn- after pleading for help in the Bang Po area for a dog seriously emaciated- Niamh Aoibhe kindly took on the task of feeding and nursing him back to health- inevitably she came across other desperate souls and has also treated and nursed them.
Had some visitors today on the dog round- thank you so very much for coming Dawn and Mike West and Ronnie Vee. It’s fabulous to have company and help and really good for the dogs to meet people!
I’ve a lot of new additions.. for good reason- abandoned or starving…some of you may remember Ben the beagle cross- started in the main camp as a tiny puppy about 2 years ago…then moved to the new shacks behind down the track- he joined 3 tame lap dogs- but where 4 families used to live- now there’s only 1… so that explains why there isn’t enough food to go round….
I first became aware of how hungry they were when I saw the little red girl eating a plastic bag in French street 100 m before Bruce….. it didn’t even have any food in… 😢
They would sit and stare at me from their track but Pad and Leo would attack them – just for looking… I knew I had to find a way to get them fed- so now approach from French Street across the field behind every day on foot…thank you Cheyna Ashley Stewart for the idea… its working well…

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, dog and outdoorSome other new additions to the dog round this week…. at Auntie Sooni’s… delightful little puppy appeared 10 days ago – yes- pretty sure she’s one of the 4 Renee Daly discovered Sunday 19 th January- that I never found… she had her first vaccine Monday 3rd February and was wormed- she seems to be accepted by Panda, Bow and Not Dead Yet… at least for now… and there’s a starving adult white and brown handsome boy also currently tolerated there- you see him sat looking up at Dawn…and I’m making sure they get 1 meal of puppy food a day…..but of course, that means also feeding Sooni’s 3 food bullies….
Khun Kannika’s fluffy cream girl is now nearly 6 months old and scheduled to be sterilized Saturday 22nd….
Raven and her pups are well- very wild… the boy is gold red – now called Fudge… the girl is black- named Ebony… This girl is also about 5 months and very wild and skittish… so I have about a month to find someone capable of tranquilizing her….
Raven herself is currently not in season….. yet…. you may remember I tried unsuccessfully 5 times with various skilled people to drug and catch her …..

One of the pumiphat yard workers stopped Cheyna today and took her 1 km further on up a track…says all the families have left and the one that is still there says he leaves on Monday……
There’s 3 tiny pups- a malnourished mum and 3 adult dogs-?they are up the track immediately just past Bambi on the corner
She can’t possibly produce milk in her state….
Wormed them today- put some Bactacin on scabby bits and gave a tiny drop of spot on… they’re crawling poor wee things- weak and wobbly but eating and drinking well. Can anybody help please with food and water….???? Once a day is no where near enough…..
That’s 16 new dogs added to my round in the last 2 weeks……
The little one on the truck and in cheyna’s arms He is the runt- incredibly hungry and dehydrated. His siblings are too- but he’s weaker- someone has to go protect him to eat at least twice a day… mummy is too-malnourished- it maybe she can produce milk later- if we can get enough food in her…can anyone help with some time…..

Heartbroken again- one of my street pups died today.. hit by a car…
and the main Burmese camp acquired yet another puppy- though with good reason- mama had 5- she’s not taking care of them… 4 disappeared…. little boy… absolutely gorgeous…up for adoption if anyone has room in their family for a gorgeous fur baby????

This week…. the new pack shown to us by the Pumiphat worker…4 adults, 1 mummy too emaciated to give milk- and her teeny tiny babies… unfortunately last Thursday one disappeared… 😢
The adult young male who appeared at Sooni’s with Winter ( the pup who was run over last Tuesday… 😭) got a broken front leg Thursday night/ Friday morning- he’s tame- very sweet- and so far accepted by Sooni’s dogs- though bullied by even Bow the puppy… So has to be protected to eat….
Took Kannika’s fluffy cream girl for sterilization on Saturday, and Olean- YuYa’s black 6 month old…. both doing very well post- op

Thank you to all my kind and generous supporters another month of Happy Hounds.


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