TERRI’S HAPPY HOUNDS – January  2019

Ravens Puppies one is a girl which means sterilization is absolutely vital within the next 2 months- she’s 15 weeks old now, the other is a boy.

This is the cream puff ball that Kannika has in another camp …. with Raven’s pups that’s 3 more females and 4 males all to sterilize…… vaccinate and keep healthy……

January 19th we discovered a catastrophe… 4 puppies- very tame- obviously hand- reared- newly dumped today – without a Mummy- next to busy fast stretch of road- 1 km beyond Bambi between her and the quad bike track…..they weren’t there this morning…..they will not survive there- convoys of fast lorries, tour jeeps and mini vans.

Thank you to all my kind and generous supporters another month of Happy Hounds.


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