I first Met Saori in April of 2019 when she answered one of my adverts asking for help on the dog round.
She came to meet all the dogs had an instant bond with many of the really shy reclusive ones. She very quickly took on one day a week by herself- carrying a sack of pre mixed food on her bike.. the dogs fell in love with her immediately and her intuition and attention to detail, noticing every trait and instinctively knowing when any dog was ill or needed extra love and protection to eat, was so thorough and dedicated that I never had to worry about any one- knowing how at ease they were with her and how she would never give up until she’d found every one of them.
She sometimes took her children with her to spend time with the dogs and they developed a strong bond with many too- sadly Saori has had to leave Koh Samui and she brought the children to say goodbye too- they cried and the dogs all seemed to know that she was saying goodbye and honestly seemed to cry too. It was heartbreaking.
Some friends took a video of Saori’s last day…. I’ve no idea how we are all going to manage without her love and care… good luck my gorgeous friend, I will miss you very much .
Thank you for all your love, care and friendship Xxx

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There is  a vital mission I must achieve for August… for the dogs on my round….

Rob’s Dogs are running a SPAY-A-THON August 12th – 16th on Koh Samui.
Over 4 Days –With 6 Vets -Aiming to sterilize over 70 animals – And Saving over 10 million lives!

I desperately need a skilled tranquilizer dart team for the 3 girls who are not tame enough to catch….Hermione, Ebony and Raven and also for Fudge , who is starting to suffer from other males coming and attacking him.
I have also secured paid places for the 3 most urgent tame boys- George, Bow and Pup next to Bruce…because they are coming of age- their packs are now attacking them and they don’t understand why their friends now rip holes in them… they are sweet submissive and their lives are now miserable… they hide, suffer psychologically and stop coming for food- too afraid- they wander off- onto other dogs’ territories and get attacked even more… their sterilization is vital not only to secure their health and happiness – ( most males get TVT sooner or later , suffer terribly with festering open tumors and continue to spread it as long as they live) but to prevent more unwanted puppies born to struggling malnourished females- all of whom die a miserable death.
This is a 7 dog project…
Huge thanks to the generosity of Saori Müller– I am half way to funding these expenses- Saori made amazing strong hemp shopping bags and generously donated the proceeds to our beloved dogs … anything you can donate for this would be very very welcome- please share- and I will also need many hands to help please…. please consider volunteering.. 🐾 🐕

Busy day in the doggie world…. pretty sure Charlie’s leg is broken just below the elbow ….. poor boy… not much I can do- nowhere to keep him.. gave him an anti inflammatory – and asked the vet if there’s anything else I can do …
Pretty sure Luna has had puppies and that’s why the whole Harry Potter pack have been missing intermittently for 3 or 4 days- they will be helping crèche…
The poor new 6/7 month old boy at the sand heaps is still very very scared… but eating now and not quite so far away from me… though he doesn’t come out till long after I’ve fed Raven Lily and the Sala dogs … so I have to visit again on the return journey – but we are in a routine now … and I’ve found another blonde scraggy female today with milk…up near Baan Suay… lovely caring lady pointed her out to me but said she doesn’t know where the puppies are…. it’s never ending…
I’m going to need lots of extra hands- on help 14 th and 15 th August- for darting / running, catching and taking dogs for sterilization… so if anyone is able to help me- please PM and please share- poor Pui- the pup next to Bruce is now being attacked by his owner’s other dog too- he’s heartbroken and today the teenage daughter was there and understood my terrible Thai .. she has got her mother to agree to sterilization for him.. so George, Pui and Auntie Sooni’s Bow are scheduled for the Saturday 15 th- huge thanks to Saori Muller for her generous donation which will all go to pay towards those 2 days and hopefully the successful catching of Raven..( attempt number 6..,) Ebony and Hermione..

Thank you to all my kind and generous supporters another month of Happy Hounds.


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