A very busy June in the doggie world..ever changing, work always increasing… most of the regulars are fine, happy and healthy, thank goodness- the newest pack on my route- the ones left after workers moved away and a camp was demolished-you may remember the head of the builder’s yard stopped Cheyna Ashley Stewart 5 months ago and asked her if he could show her where the dogs were who needed help- have now been named the Hogwarts Pack- they are doing well- totally recovered, plump and in good condition- mummy- (now named Hermione!! ) bears no resemblance to the scared, sad skeleton she was, and her surviving puppy is thriving with his wonderful new mum Maria Mia Hedelin.Image may contain: dog and outdoor
I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to get 3 appointments from
Rob’s Dogs for young boy dogs to be sterilized in August at 900 thb each. This is vital in many cases- as boys come of age- around 6-7 months- the other male dogs no longer tolerate them… their puppy “free pass” expires and the males start attacking them- ripping holes in them and psychologically damaging them 😢 they don’t understand why their friends have turned on them and become scared, reclusive, stop eating etc. or simply dare not try to come for food.
They wander off their territory and get attacked even more… if they disappear they are very hard to find, if at all, and get depressed and malnourished and won’t survive for long.
It is also vital to prevent them from getting TVT- which is sexually transmitted.
George is on that list, ( he’s already had deep holes ripped into him by Pad) as is Bow… Auntie Sooni’s red boy… and the poor sweet puppy next to Bruce… if I can persuade the owner… he’s very small, sweet and submissive and is so sad that Bruce has turned on him he now hides 24/7 behind his owners bike on the tiny terrace…
Image may contain: dog, grass, outdoor and natureI’m still desperately looking for regular help to take on a day a week dog round- about 11 stops- 4 km route- training and food provided…. unfortunately most regular helpers have left… 😞 and also for someone to walk/ train Thung Ngerm, who is on a chain 24/7…
My heartfelt thanks to several friends- Phivo Christodoulou of Augustine Approved , without whom I would not be able to help any of these dogs and to Melanie Alexander , who has also devoted some very special intensive help lately! My good friend Merilyn Rostant – who will be back to help as soon as she can.
A very very 😢 sad goodbye to my friend and constant support Saori Müller- I will miss you very much.. as will all the dogs- your help and devoted attention has been amazing- we all hope you will be able to visit next year.. love you 😘
There’s a constant waiting list for sterilization operations which are vital, and right now I have 3 wild females who need a specialist tranquilizer team to be brought from the mainland.. so please, if you can donate, please do.


Thank you to all my kind and generous supporters another month of Happy Hounds.


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