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Gorgeous 5 month old puppies- sterilized and vaccinated desperately need homes… they are alone deep in jungle and won’t all survive left on their own… I had hoped of them being allowed to join the neighboring pack in the camp- but that’s not going to happen- the adult dogs won’t allow them- they’re attacking them.. please please share….
This is a heartfelt Thank You from my friend Penny Kimber…the Soi Dog foundation came out with their specialist team, transport and equipment and caught this poor poor girl this morning- on their day off- they leave Samui for good on Tuesday…. 😢 having been here to help us for 4 and a half months…. we desperately need constant access to dedicated assistance, equipment and veterinary surgeons… please please help us achieve this… a fund specifically to cater for a full time Spay and neuter clinic has been set up by Rob’s Dogs .. we need regular 1,000 subscribers to donate 500 thb per month ( about £12.50 ) to sponsor the running costs of this non profit enterprise- Please please donate and share…
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June has been the most hectic month ever- with Soi Dog’s change of schedule I was faced with only 2 weeks to catch and complete the sterilization of the remaining dogs in my area- extreme gratitude to the Soi Dog Foundation’s staff for their help- total of 33 dogs sterilized and vaccinated..
My thanks to Marian, Caran, Khun Sue
Barbara, and Param Dhyan Kaur and Natalie and Kayley Lawrence for your kindness and generosity, at a time when donations are dwindling your help has enabled not only enough food but also essential treatments, intensive care for Ziggy and vital medical supplies- 57 dogs so far have received anti- parasitic meds at a time when there seems to be a tick problem and I have had 2 with life threatening tick fever/ blood parasites as a result- Ziggy is now fully recovered and Simba is still in treatment
I also have been able to finally commission the construction of a dog trap..which I will hopefully collect tomorrow..
My heartfelt gratitude to you all Xxx
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