A tough and distressing week in the doggie world…2 of the new teeny tiny pups disappeared- the new area where the worker asked for help- mummy still emaciated and unlikely to ever produce milk now- the 4 other adults there make it hard for her to eat and she often doesn’t try… photo of the 1 remaining….
Ebony and Fudge- Raven’s wild pups-Ebony is a girl and will be in her first season soon…. 😭 too wild to catch and they have all been chased off- Lily and Raven too- they are building right next to the Sala where they lived for the last 18 months- they are so scared of the trucks and builders…and it is getting harder and harder to find them all and get them fed… 😭
New broken leg boy, Jimmy is doing ok- reasonably tolerated by Sooni’s pack- so far….
and a cheery photo of a much needed cuddle from gorgeous loving Princess Blackey… when I remember the state she was in for years- that’s what makes it all worth while…

Huge heartfelt thanks to 3 very special people- one of whom,a visitor for the first time came last week to see all the doggies on my dog round. Thank you Jane Hill for taking the time out of your holiday – and taking some great photos … I very much hope you’ll be back to join me again. Thank you for helping spread the word and making a difference … and thanks to Jane Hill, Tricia Dorovic and Jen Moss for your donation – which has gone towards Thung Ngerm’s veterinary and convalescence costs- she’s doing well, is in expert veterinary hands and I hope will be well enough to go home middle of next week.

More new dogs- starving and thirsty- the new tame sweet boy who has joined Raven and Lily etc… bones sticking out- day 3- in a routine but still eating 3 portions… he’s been joined by another boy today- In better condition but very hungry and thirsty- I ran out of water…. 3 new pups near Bruce and all the adults – 5 of them- still up the new location track past Bambi- where the last shack is now being demolished…still looking for a foster home or… dare I hope… adopter for teeny tiny Petite- Big Boss- he’s healthy- doing well and learning fast- time is running out- he will have to be put back in the jungle… where he may not survive…..


Thank you to all my kind and generous supporters another month of Happy Hounds.


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