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Thank you Nathalie Caplat-Pelissier for donating children’s toys and clothes and shoes…the camp children have nothing… and thanks to the Sisters on Samui who donated 100 kg of rice last week which I distributed to the 3 camps and a few families…
I now need 550 kg of dog food a month minimum plus ongoing preventative treatments and medicines.. so if you can help..
These gorgeous tame, clever , healthy, loving girls desperately need homes…. deliberately dumped the night of 19 February on my dog round in a bin cupboard…. they are 3 1/2 months old- very well behaved and half trained… had first vaccinations already and I will complete all as due and arrange sterilizations when old enough… please please share….they are perfect…in a safe location for now -but not enclosed.. they won’t stay safe for long…..
Sushi desperately needs a safe enclosed home … foster or furever….she’s a gorgeous, loving, tame biddable 9 month old who has been on my dog round since tiny- she was hit by a car and now has metal pins. Whilst her recovery and physio are going well- she can’t go back to the side of the busy road with her mum and brother… certainly initially- she needs a safe space to fully recover- she’s fully vaccinated and sterilized and the most sweet girl with no issues….. can anyone provide her with a home please….
Today’s happy tearjerker- Sad Boy.. now called Marley- constantly on my mind- now out in daylight with his new best friend ( for the first time ever) Himeko- his eyes have lost that terrible sadness and his tail is up.. wagging – heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Diane for sponsoring him and to a truly amazing friend and dog savior, Elfie for making this happen… and to cheer everyone up further- a photo of a dog in a bag… my friend Veronica found a puppy alone deep in the jungle without food or water ( several weeks ago- she didn’t look like that then!) and committed to saving her…
Very special thanks today to some wonderful caring people who have helped with the extra food and meds during the last few weeks- Carla Heffernan who very kindly asked for donations for dog food at her recent birthday party – it made a huge difference to the monthly burden on me- and to Corey McCartand Elizabeth Geiger who also contributed to the huge 550 kg of food I have to buy monthly.. heartfelt thanks to Marian Stewart and Caran Langdon-Wilkins who have funded vital meds and preventative treatments ( it’s been a shocking tick- season and several dogs have died ..) and to Richard Earle who has sponsored the food for the 6 bin girl puppies… a HUGE undertaking as puppy food is twice the price and they eat twice the amount of an adult dog….those pups are safe and well and have had first course of both combined vaccines and rabies vaccines..
Today one of the lads in a camp I care for took me to a shack up the back track and showed me a new mummy – absolutely starving with 8 tiny puppies about 4 weeks old.. 😭 I’ve given her some food and treatment and I’ll go back tomorrow if I can find someone to help me – with soaked puppy food mush ( to try give mummy a chance to recover- she’s just bones…) and thoroughly examine each pup and worm them …I really need somebody on a motor bike to tend to this mum and her puppies daily… can anybody help if I can provide the food??
And also this week Khun Wan asked for my help- she picked up 4 puppies 3 months ago and they are now in a terrible state- each with tick fever- malnourished and shocking skin condition.. one has already died…. it’s never ending … if you are able to help in any way…please contact me… 🐕 🐶
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