Special thanks to Sam Layton who kindly came all the way to Lamai to shave Fluff Puff – she was so badly knotted it pulled on her skin and rubbed under her arm pits-she was miserable – she was a perfect angel and Sam was super kind and made the experience easy for her. Thank you so very very much… it’s a huge relief for her..Image may contain: 1 person

A very busy and devastating week in the Lamai valley dog world… darling Peepo, Yuya’s puppy died- after being ill for only 2 days…. of Parvovirus… despite having had 1 vaccination- ( which is never enough pups are still developing their immune systems..) it was 50/50 he would survive when she first found him- malnourished, starving and dehydrated with no mummy anywhere to be found… couldn’t stand or eat on his own…but we did pull him through- despite obviously being the runt-he was finally growing and looking so healthy…we are both heartbroken… I’ve tested his siblings – found and brought home by other camp workers in the weeks following and also tested the new pup- I’m calling Silky .. for the time being… thank God – by some incredible miracle- every one is negative for Parvovirus .
So all have had a further vaccine yesterday – thank you Rebecca for helping yesterday- and those 3 youngsters will get booster in 3 weeks.
In a complete panic – and with the help of Jessika Metty and Roc Chaliand working Image may contain: 1 person, dog
in the searing heat for hours today feeding and examining and vaccinating- we’ve given vaccine boosters to a further 16 dogs today- and have a similar number scheduled for Friday… ( the rest are unfortunately not tame enough for me to grab..) never ever had a case of Parvovirus in my dog round before- terrifying….
As always- I’m looking for volunteers to train to cover for me- so if you’re interested and can give a few hours once or twice a week- please contact me…
I’ve forgotten to thank a very important person… Ann Ryan– who very kindly brought me the test kits from the UK- without which I would never have been able to afford to do them all-Peepo’s 1 test and iv antibiotics in the vets were 1,200 …

On a happier note- some of you will remember Ben the beagle x
He started out as a tiny 6 week old in Yuya’s camp about 2 and a half years ago- then moved himself( was pushed out by Pad and Leo more like….) to the opposite camp where he lived with 4 families and 3 little female half pedigree dogs- those families have all long gone now- the 1 st 3 families left 4 months ago- which is when I became aware the dogs were all starving- only 1 family left… that last family went about a month ago- took their 2 dogs with them- Ben and Red – as ive been calling her -were left with no one- and no food OR water-they graduated to a villa build site in French Street… where they seemed to be welcome- so I’ve been feeding them in and around that site- on Monday- the owner Khun Mimi tells me she loves them, they can stay and live with her when she moves in and she has named the girl Sonya… Mimi can do anything with those dogs- ( I’ve been feeding Red/Sonya for 4 months but can barely touch her…. ungrateful madam) so today we have thoroughly examined the girl and discovered Sonya is indeed already sterilized- and I’ve just started vaccinations…. so 2 very happy lucky dogs- I’ll check them every day anyway and make sure they get monthly preventative treatments and examinations….at least until Mimi moves in- which is several months down the road…


Thank you to all my kind and generous supporters another month of Happy Hounds.


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