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How many???? A muddle of puppies……
I would like to thank Khun Tee, Khun Sue, Caran and Marian for your kindness and generosity, apart from another 59 adults fed today… I’ve been to check on the mummy and puppies- fed them with extra treats of eggs and goats milk and been able to give the old man 2 sacks of puppy food… ( which will only last them about a week!!!- ) mummy is looking better though still thin… plan to get her sterilized and vaccinated in about 2 weeks…and she needs a name…..???💗
A busy and successful May, so far , all 79 dogs on the round doing very well- a few extra treatments needed for skin conditions and sickness.. my love and grateful thanks for the continued kindness and support from Phivo Christodoulou and Augustine Approved and Melanie Alexander- without you I would not be able to care for any of the Lamai Valley dogs now….. Ziggy is responding well to treatment and medicines, is in expert foster care- he’s bright, eating and happy having made friends with several other resident doggies- what a gorgeous special little boy he is….
Thanks to the Soi Dog Foundation -I was able to get all 6 bin girls sterilized end of April along with the 3 females from Sue at the coconut wood factory- all are very well with no complications 😆
23 more dogs on my list …
We have assigned some of your names to the mummy and 8 puppies- they are all doing far better than I expected- thanks to the puppy nutrition, medicines and preventative treatments I have been able to get , thanks only to your kindness and generosity- All these pups are now ready for adoption…. so please share…..puppies create a massive financial burden and this little family has cost almost as much as feeding all the other adults on the round put together so far… now they’re bigger and healthy enough and I plan to vaccinate them all including mummy on Tuesday- thanks to Luce Hyde, Elena Osadchaya and Wes, Suphan Sathorn Caran Langdon-Wilkins Marian Stewart Tee Yaemsa
who have donated to all these extra current costs .
Thank you to the amazing Brigitte Gomm from the Dog and Cat Rescue Centre Samui who has very kindly said she will provide me with medicines and drugs she can – this is an enormous help and relief to me and will literally save lives and prevent suffering-
My heartfelt thanks and love to you all.
Special thanks to the amazing tireless and dedicated friends – Cheyna, Katelyn, Jasmine and Wes Silver who come and help me – lifting, carrying, loading, vaccinating, feeding, boxing and transporting and shoving pills down throats-and more unpleasant tasks…..in the never- ending cycle of care needs….. and to Richard Earle and Trevor for sponsoring and caring for the 6 bin girls- that day still makes me cry…
Without ALL of you – the majority of these dogs would certainly be dead by now… love and thanks to you all Xxx 💕 🐾 🐶
This is Peaches… one of Daisy Muddle’s puppies- tragically found her badly injured when I went into that camp – looking at the bites she has been attacked by an adult dog … 😭 she has a broken spine.. currently in ICU in my bathroom… only time will tell if she can recover any- she is on a load of drugs and supplements and she has bowel and bladder control so there is hope….
If anybody can help in any way, she and I would be very very grateful 🐕 🐾
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