TERRI’S HAPPY HOUNDS – November 2020

Alice has tick fever/ blood parasite- which is common and is a 45 day course of drugs .. as she isn’t eating -this currently has to be injections – which are 20 x the price of Doxycycline tablets- and she has to be kept in a kennel or clinic facility – ( if she was eating from me and I could guarantee finding her every day this would be cheap and easy to deal with….literally 300 thb for the tablets plus the cost of a sausage or piece of chicken every day to hide them in…and I could simply have released her home last night )
After spending all day with me in a box yesterday – I finally found a place for her with a skilled and experienced dog rescuer who luckily just had 1 very nice kennel come available- the cost of all this is going to be absolutely huge, so if anyone can .. please please donate
As some of you already know.. I now have 70 dogs on the daily round- all for a reason- the most recent 4 additional packs all after specific requests for help from locals for abandoned dogs.. Xx
Huge thanks to DCRS dog and cat rescue centre Samui for helping dart Alice again today.
The fabulous Khun Gon had her within 2 minutes of arriving. She’s not been eating for 2 weeks now – tried everything chicken/ fish/eggs..and I can’t just sit back and watch her die. On my way to blood test now.
These two sweet girls got their sterilization operations yesterday – just in time- they are 6 months old…girls that belong to a Thai family that I have only known for about three weeks -he has seven dogs including a very tiny puppy , a new baby and he has lost his job….
They behaved perfectly… Thai dogs never cease to amaze me 💕 Huge thanks to the lovely dedicated Jessika Metty for helping me- the family are so very grateful..
The suffering of unwanted puppies is unimaginable- they mostly die anyway – from poor malnourished bitches who have a miserable existence- YOUR donations are the only way this work is possible…
There are 6 urgent females from my dog round on the list for next month- some of which are Luna’s puppies and 4 more waiting – just from my dog round , which is now 70 dogs every day ..
If you can donate anything towards this vital life- saving work- please please do- and please share- every little helps- sterilizations cost 1,500 thb
Cartoon has severe gastroenteritis which has not responded to the usual medical treatments- she is now on interferon – which is very expensive plus 3 other injections daily and fluids by infusion- if you can help please donate…the next 4 days are critical 😞
Khun Wan is a friend of mine and wonderful lady – she has rescued and saved some 35 dogs all of which she takes very good care of. Cartoon has been sick for 2 weeks and a variety of veterinary advice / meds hasn’t helped.
I’ve known Cartoon since she was small and it is devastating to me to think we cannot get necessary x rays/ ultrasound or other surgical interventions without money.. if anybody can help with donations please please contact me..
Nina is still looking for a home…. vaccinated and will be sterilized in December.. poor Velvet is thinner than ever before- she rarely eats much and isn’t coming down to me this week- victimized and sad this gentle lady needs a foster home more than ever… sterilized and vaccinated and used to dogs cats chickens ducks and children
Sad boy has a broken leg since Sunday- he eats wagging excitedly then as soon as I turn to leave crawls back into the enclosed corner through some bent corrugated iron- he’s still waiting for his family to come back- can’t believe he’s been abandoned…
the 2 girls sterilized last week are doing well- though the brown n white ones looks to have bitten out her stitches…
I have 6 urgent females to be sterilized December and 4 so far on list for January…and 72 to feed every day…if you can possibly help please please donate
Velvet desperately needs a foster home- this quiet gentle lady is losing weight and barely eating- she is victimized by the rest of the pack and attacked by Lisa again today- she is 3 and half years old fully vaccinated and sterilized- used to living with dogs cats chickens ducks and children- she needs a safe patient quiet secure home with someone to help her get her confidence back- some gentle slow socializing and love… please can anyone help her…. she breaks my heart daily..
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