Huge thanks to Khun Gon from dog and cat rescue Samui for succesfully darting Alice and Hermione- and to
Beverley Makemson for her time and organizing, to Jessika Metty for her patience coordinating and running.. and to Rod Cooper and Julia Kudrna for their hands- on experienced time, effort and help.
Hopefully they’ll get the elusive Raven and her offspring-Ebony and Fudge next..this is painful tedious hard work- thrilled for these beautiful innocent girls..
Fabulous result.. Khun Gon from Dog and Cat Rescue Samui just successfully darted and caught Fudge and Boris…!! They will now be sterilized and vaccinated before being returned. Thanks to Jessika Metty and Beverley and Adam Makemson and Cheyna Ashley Stewart for their patience and dedication..
Dog round news… hectic few weeks- last week Hermione and Alice were successfully darted and taken for sterilization and vaccination- this week Boris and Fudge… and today Sand Heap Boy who is a recent addition to my dog round and is sad and being permanently attacked- he’s meek and submissive- so pleased for him- this will revolutionize his miserable cowering life…never thought it possible to get him… thank you to Khun Gon and Brigitte from DCRS – all my dedicated friends who have helped this painful ongoing challenge and the kind people who have funded it, Ta and Gary, Saori , Jasmine and
Dave Carroll
. That’s 10 dogs from my Lamai Valley dog round caught and sterilized during August September and the first week of October….saving both their lives and the misery of unwanted malnourished and sick puppies that nobody wants…80% of whom die anyway…..
Alice’s gorgeous puppies have been adopted by Nikka and her daughter Maria in the resort next door and at the bakery.. they are now called Ree and Sushi and are having their second vaccinations tomorrow…
57 dogs fed today..( 3 are missing- but I’ll find them later- 3 are on DCRS having had sterilization ops and Ben and Sonya don’t need my food every day- they have Khun Mimi)
New puppies dumped last week in the jungle… was told about them but today is the first time I’ve seen them… and actually they found me…literally skin and bone- guessing about 3 months old- very very scared- there are also 2 white ones but ran 50 m away from us… so no photos…black one got 3 meals and a worming tablet… one white one definitely ate as observed from 50 m away…anyone with the time to go and look for them and sit talk to them/ feed them – it will help tame them and get them into a routine- keep them in a safe area…obviously they need puppy food nutrition – their bones are sticking out and they are malnourished…
Secondly here is another picture of gorgeous Nina with Jessi – she desperately needs adopting…. they don’t want her in that camp- she’s 2 months old- ish-and some pics of some of the dogs in the only camp I deliver sacks of food to- they love their dogs very much- but can no longer afford food for them… thank you Jess for all your continued help- strength and patience…Archie had his second vaccine today as did Snape and Luna- Nina and Sam Lee had their first combined vaccines.
Dog round news.. busy times.. not many of you will have seen this elusive scared boy- Boris..he only appeared about 2 months ago as a teenager- no fur- covered in injuries- bleeding, bones sticking out and with bad mange- poor boy- undoubtedly driven out of his pack because he was coming of age- wasn’t sure I was going to be able to save him- he would run from me and food and not look back- not go back and eat.. I could only find him late at night and too far away for any earlier photos- eventually he did eat and over a month period I managed to get worming tablets and ivermectin in food and his fur returned and he gained weight- he found Alice 500 m away- the lone Mum – who accepted him onto her territory- this last month they have both been tranquilized, caught and vaccinated and sterilized by the Dog and Cat Rescue Centre- this will literally save their lives and they now have a happy healthy future in front of them…. Alice now hates me.. so no new photos of her yet.. she leaves as soon as she hears my truck!!
Fudge and Sand Heap were also successfully caught by the amazing Khun Gon from DCRS – they are notably more tame after their stay there and get to eat easily because they’re coming right up next to me now- instead of 20 m away… when they only used to get leftovers once I was back in the truck…
Good news about the 3 dumped pups- 1 black 2 white-they moved around a large area and I only found them 3 times- the black boy was the only one brave enough to come anywhere near for food… I feared they had all died- then yesterday Juergen stopped to tell me he’d found them up a steep hill deep in the jungle-where he walks his own dogs and he is feeding them every day and showed me photos of even the 2 white ones eating…
Huge thanks to everyone who continually contributes towards food and meds to help me- the problem is enormous with new people asking me for help every day.. without you no help would be possible and they would all die…please help.. volunteer, donate and adopt… I have 7 currently seeking adoption- all well adjusted healthy abandoned dogs….. priority is sweet lady Velvet who is victimized bottom of the pack… and little puppy Nina – who isn’t wanted in the camp… but Luna Liisa, Snape, Robin, Hagrid and many more that don’t even have names yet are all desperate for homes- they are not wanted where they are


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