TERRI’S HAPPY HOUNDS – September 2020

An amazing and happy ending for all the jungle puppies.. the last 2 girls adopted together today and going to a lovely home with Lyla.. and new daddy Marc. After weeks of unimaginable worry , especially this week with the huge storms at night , knowing the puppies were escaping their pen ( I reckon they were climbing the fence..!) and unable to get back in to their shelter dry boxes and food when the torrential rain starts- finding them in the road yesterday- dead poisoned cat and squirrel right next to them..worry after worry… all are safe now.
My heartfelt thanks and respect to the amazing people who have opened their hearts and taken on these little bundles of love- vaccinations and sterilizations are scheduled on my calendar. Thank you Khun Tia and your mother, Khun Ta , Simon, Khun Lucy and Dave Griffiths and Marc. Xxx
A very special thanks to the people who have helped me care for these 8 babies- visiting, feeding , catching and loving them administering worming tablets and ensuring multiple daily visits and feeds Cheyna Ashley Stewart
Jessika Metty
Ellie Smith Olesya Gavriliuk
Mahé Gry
Marie Nakabayashi
Jasmine Puranen
without your help these little ones would have died….
Dotty Luna had her sterilization operation today- and what a sweet calm loving girl she is… I love her more and more.. and good as gold in the car.. to think 2 months ago I couldn’t touch her.. huge thanks to Ta and Gary, Jasmine and Saori- your donations have paid for sterilization operations and meds for.. so far.. Pui, Bow, George, Ben and Luna and the biggest tasks yet to come… the darting of Ebony, Raven, Fudge and Hermione… plus the mummy and pups at Baan Suay and full courses of vaccinations for Luna’s 7 puppies.. all of whom have been adopted..
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