Rob’s Dogs started unofficially way back in 2013 when Rob’s widow visited Bali & was deeply disturbed by the neglect and abuse of street dogs there.
In early 2014 Rebecca moved to Bali to volunteer with an animal rescue/sanctuary based there.

It was during her time in Bali that Rebecca realized that the root of all the problems was unwanted dogs – if we could sterilize more dogs, then less dogs would be born to suffer lives of neglect on the streets.

Rebecca focused most of her efforts during this time on BARCs sterilization program.
She stayed with BARC until mid 2016, when she moved with her rescue dog to the small island of Koh Samui in Thailand.
On Koh Samui she met up with a Russian Vet & her boyfriend who had started their own small group Pariah Dog Koh Samui, their main focus was the rehabilitation of sick/injured abandoned/homeless dogs, with a big focus on sterilizing!
Rebecca joined them and got some hands on experience in actually performing various veterinary procedures including amputations and sterilizations.
We have decided to formalize the work that Rebecca has been doing with her time & the money left from Rob’s estate by creating Rob’s Dogs.
Rob’s Dogs will fund-raise and disburse funds to groups working to rehabilitate abandoned, sick/injured animals that are either mistreated/abused or abandoned/homeless, including emergency medical care and performing free sterilizations for street dogs around the world.

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