PAWS WITH A CAUSE: International Rehoming

A pawfect adoption program 🐶
We have expanded our Paws with a cause project include international rehoming as well as local fostering.
Jules Amana

& her partner rescued a litter of puppies that had been dumped in the jungle and left to die.

She has found homes for most of them – both locally and internationally – we have set up this fundraiser to help her raise enough money to get all the puppies sterilized, vaccinated and flight ready to go to their new homes.

Help needed for Jungle Litter Pepper, Marena, Bailey and Nala.

Hello pup lovers. We’d be very grateful if you could read our story below. It’s written by our Foster Mum Jules.  Love from, Pepper, Marena, Bailey and Nala.

In November 2020, we found a litter of 7 tiny puppies, dumped under a coconut tree near our home on Koh Samui. These babies were only a few weeks old, terrified and crying non-stop for their mother. Four of the puppies had painfully infected skin The tiniest boy had one hugely swollen infected eye. He could barely move with pain, and his little tail even fell off from the severity of the skin infection.

It was clear that they had been taken from their mother and left in the jungle to die. Tragically, a lot of street dogs in this area had recently been deliberately poisoned, so we suspect that this was also the fate of their mother.

The island shelters are all at capacity, so we had to quickly learn how to parent such tiny and sick pups. After several days of bottle feeding, skin medicine and non-stop love and hugs, we started to feel hopeful that these puppies might survive. Soon, they were thriving and we knew that all 7 were going to live.

We were really lucky to quickly find amazing homes for Scooby (now Tong), Chester (now Big Boy) and Kendall (now Pookie). Pepper also found what we believed was a great home, but sadly, poor Pepper got dumped at Bangrak temple when his new family decided that they no longer wanted a dog. Luckily, we managed to find him just in time to rush him to the vet, who saved his life after he caught parvovirus at the temple. Pepper is now safe and back with us and we are so grateful every day.

Nala and Marena will fly to dream forever homes in Europe at the end of April. Until then, we are still caring for these girls as well as Pepper and Bailey.

We adore these puppies, and have been doing our best to pay for their care since we found them, but we have some big expenses coming up and would be indescribably grateful if anyone could help us with  meeting these. We are managing their day to day costs and trying to pay for as much of the bigger sums as possible ourselves, but Palm currently has no paid work, due to Covid, and as we only have my small salary to support all of us, the bigger amounts are causing some anxiety.

If we could raise 20,000 baht (Approximately $1000AUD, 500 EUROS) this would help fund:

Contribution to Marena’s travel:

6,000 – Titer test

1,000 – Microchip

4,000 – Travel Crate

4000 – Transport to Bangkok and pet taxi

Spaying for Bailey and Pepper

2,000 (1,000  BAHT each)

Safety barriers (to properly enclose a safe area for 4 growing dogs)

3,000 BAHT

Any donation at all – no matter how tiny – would help us more than we can even express. If we reach our goal, that will be absolutely incredible. If we surpass it, then every penny will go to Rob’s Dogs, an amazing charity here on Samui. Robs Dogs does incredible work to improve the lives of Samui animals,  and have been so helpful and supportive to us since we’ve found these puppies. Thank you so much for reading our story. We are so grateful for any help.

Love from, Jules, Palm, Pepper, Marena, Nala and Bailey xxx

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