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a pawfect fostering program

PAWS with a CAUSE!

Part of why we started Rob’s Dogs was because we didn’t like seeing healthy happy dogs go into shelters – but leaving dogs on the streets can be dangerous, with little protection and care for the dogs. We feel that putting dogs in shelters is not an effective long term solution. Most street dogs don’t like to be confined, and shelters need a lot of money to keep running well. A badly run shelter is heartbreaking for anyone who has to come in and try and fix the problems.

As we all know  Covid-19 has affected everyone’s life in ways we couldn’t possibly have conceived  including crashing the economy globally. We are seeing lots of local Thai and Myanmarese out of work and unable to buy food for themselves and their families. Welfare groups on Samui have been working hard to distribute food aid packs, but we need to be looking at long term sustainable solutions.

What if we could address both issues? Dogs living on streets and hungry locals?

Enter: Paws with a Cause!

A long term sponsorship program that seeks to place vulnerable street dogs with low income Thai and Myanmarese families.
The families agree to take in a street dog, we supply the food for the dog, medical care and other essential items, AND the family gets a small monthly financial donation as a thank you – helping them to buy food for themselves. WIN-WIN.

We are seeking companies or individuals willing to sign up to monthly donations to cover the costs of running this program.
You will get:

Certificate of thanks featuring your dog

Naming rights for your dog

Monthly update on your dog

Monthly thank you on the Rob’s Dogs Facebook page

Invitation to see your dog if you are visiting Koh Samui

Tax Deductible for Australians


Dogs Needing Foster Homes
Dogs In Foster Homes

If you would like to sponsor but don’t want to use Paypal – please email us: 
and we can set up a monthly invoice for you.

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