Last month we launched our Paw-fect Foster Program.
A long term sponsorship program that seeks to place vulnerable street dogs with low income Thai and Myanmarese families.
The families agree to take in a street dog, we supply the food for the dog, medical care and other essential items, AND the family gets a small monthly financial donation as a thank you – helping them to buy food for themselves. WIN-WIN.

We got our first sponsor and foster family last week. Maria Linsley has come on board as our first and super proud sponsor. We found a lovely man living in the jungle of Koh Samui who already has a dog, who is in great health, he agreed to take two of our most vulnerable puppies.

The two puppies come from “Brown Mum” a street dog on the Talign Nam run, for years nobody has been able to catch her – Pariah Dog came out, no luck, Soi Dog tried darting her when they were here two years ago, no luck, Sandra has tried many times including hiring a darting expert, and still no luck! Brown mum keeps getting pregnant over and over – having an average of 10 puppies each litter – most end up run over on the road where they live.
There are  only two left form her latest litter, and we couldn’t stand to see these ones go missing. We are so happy to have found them a safe home, in the jungle where there are no roads around and a father who will care for them.





We still have at least two other dogs we would like to get off the street and into foster homes, if you would like to join Maria and become a sponsor you will get:

Certificate of thanks featuring your dog

Naming rights for your dog

Monthly update on your dog

Monthly thank you on the Rob’s Dogs Facebook page

Invitation to see your dog if you are visiting Koh Samui

Tax Deductible for Australians


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