Sawan Maa: Happy Horse Sanctuary Donation

Supporters are invited to support Sawan Maa by making a donation.
A tax deduction is offered to Australian donors on donations over $2.

All proceeds go to further the protection of the many animals in their care – specifically Ponies and Horses.

$10 can buy ONE bale of hay

$20 can  buy FIVE liters of effective micro organism

$30 can  buy ONE 50KG bag of Rice bran

$50 can  buy ONE 20KG bags of Sugar Beet

$60 can  pay for all the calcium  powder for ALL of the horses and ponies for ONE month

$70 can buy ONE 70KG bag of soy meal

$80 can  pay for ALL the fruit the horses & ponies need for half a month.

$90 can pay  for any vet treatment the Horses & ponies might need during the month

$100 can  buy TEN bales of hay