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BUY “Worlds LARGEST Vegan Cookbook” Digital Cookbook (Full Color)

This is a special limited edition in support of Samui Elephant Haven.

Elephants are the worlds largest vegans eating a diet of only plants, Elephants spend most of their day eating; up to 18 hours at least! They eat grass, fruit, bamboo, bushes, trees, and roots.

100% of the books sale price is going direct to SEH to feed their hungry herd of vegans.

The e-book is packed full of delicious plant-based recipes which support personal health and growing environmental concerns. The book offers a balanced collection of home-cooked Australian favourites and some spicier Asian dishes.  For readers that would like to embark on a vegan journey, photographs aid the already easy-to-follow instructions.  Toad-in-the-hole, sausage rolls, pasties and other wholesome Australian fayre appear in the savoury section and sit comfortably next to their exotic counterparts with lemon ‘chicken’, Mongolian ‘beef’,  sweet chilli‘ chicken’ and Thai pumpkin soup.  The dessert section just as appealing with delicious delights from both continents.

It has active menu links for easily navigating the recipes on your computer or mobile device.
The Cookbook is available in digital format as a PDF file.

Samui Elephant Haven provides a sanctuary for rescued elephants on the tropical island of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand. The elephants living at the Haven previously endured harrowing lives providing entertainment for tourist-shows and walking endlessly for trekking. With that life now behind them, these lucky elephants are now free to express their instincts without fear – interacting with each other in beautiful natural surroundings, foraging on native plants in the jungle and playing together in their pools and mud pits.

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