The Rob of Rob’s Dogs.

Rob was a huge dog lover, he donated to many Australian based dog charities and always ministered to street dogs on his trips to Thailand.

Rob passed away in 2010, leaving a modest estate.

At first his widow didn’t know what to do with his money, she had thought about donating it all to one of his preferred charities in Australia, but then she visited Bali and saw the horrific state on dogs in Bali and decided to use some of his money to move to Bali and volunteer with a dog charity there.

Since those humble beginnings Rob’s Dogs has grown into an organization in its own right and his widow moved from Bali to Thailand (Rob’s Favorite place) to assist even more dogs.

We think that Rob would be so proud of all that his namesake has achieved and all our plans for the future.

You can read more about our work here.