Sawan Maa – สวรรค์ม้า – Happy Horse Sanctuary

Update – March 2021

Last week was busy & stressful week at the Equine Sanctuary.
On Thursday Rob’s Dogs volunteers assisted in the castration of Bruno – Bruno is a white pony recently rescued from an animal tourism business on Samui – with no tourists the owners couldn’t afford to pay staff to look after him or to feed him – he came to Sabrina’s attention because some concerned Samui residents posted about his plight on a community Facebook page, Sabrina quickly swung into action, going to speak with the owners – negotiating his release into here care – the community was generous in donations to to help feed Bruno so he could be restored to health.
Then early Friday morning our volunteer received an urgent message from Sabrina – saying that Baby was ill & she thought he was dying, Sabrina had gotten up early to check on Bruno after his castration, the horses & ponies were behaving very strangely, that’s when she realized that Baby wasn’t there. She called for him, but he didn’t come, she went looking or him and found him halfway up the hill – lying down, she could tell immediately that there was something really wrong.
he was not moving and at first Sabrina thought he was dead. Sabrina called for her daughter Shania to come help – he was breathing very labored and making no visible reactions at all. Sabrina wasn’t sure what had happened and gave him medicine for poisoning, once Shania arrived they managed to roll him over, which is when we discovered a 30cm root had lodged in his abdomen,. We are still not sure what happened exactly – but somehow he managed to fall on top of the protruding root. There was a deep hole and it caused a hernia. He must have been lying there in agony for many hours. We called someone with medical experience in regards to horses & while we waited for her to arrive we attempted to rehydrate baby with coconut water.
When the volunteer arrived we administered pain relief, anti inflammatory & he was stitched up, so after sitting with him in the field for around 6 hours we were able to get him up & into the recovery pen.
We were getting Baby all settled and comfortable when Bruno (in the next recovery pen) who’s hormones will take about 2 weeks to subside after his castration – saw Sandy our female thoroughbred & he jumped out of his compound! Over a fence of 120cm fence (he is about 110cm). he then jumped the fence into the field where Sandy was hanging out, then chaos reigned!
Sabrina was already so stressed and anxious just about broke down at this – it was her worst nightmare of what cab happen when a young stallion gets close to a mare. Running, jumping, kicking, biting around in the field. Full moon, Joey and Phoenix protecting their girl and fighting Bruno off…. We finally caught her and then things calmed down. Bruno got put back in his pen – our amazing helper Min made the fence taller & Bruno was still trying to get over it.
We were all already so exhausted and then this. Min build his fence higher and he even tried to get out from it.
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