May 2020 Update

Thank you all for your kind donations and interest in the Sanctuary which had  it’s home on Koh Pha Ngan until 2 and a half years ago when the ponies were bought over here to Koh Samui.

We would like to update you on what has been happening since we built the Open Shelter and the challenges that we have faced during this Covid 19 Lockdown period.

But first let us tell you about the ponies and horses we have at the Sanctuary along with the 15 dogs.


Chailai was the first pony to be rescued from Koh Pha Ngan and is 16 years old. He is a very funny and much loved character but is prone to tick infections in his eyes. He has become besties with the foal Sioux which was bought from a local who did not want a male horse. Sioux was taken from his mum very young but Chaliai befriended him and they are constant companions.


Sioux, the foal who will be 9 months in July is a total character. The sanctuary was only allowed to keep his mum with him for 4 months but he has been able to learn the ropes with his friend Chalai. He is very naughty and easily distracted.


Joey, who is 16 was a very anxious pony and avoided people at all costs. He took years of gentle persuasion to even be able to be touched and 7 years to come down when called. As a result he can be a bit of a bully with the other horses but has began flirting with another, who has a boyfriend!!



Fullmoon, is  a 9 year old who had suffered a very bad injury in his back which needed lots of physio. He was able to be the perfect riding pony after 6 years of rest and TLC. He has a girlfriend at the moment.


Happy who is at least 27 was used as a coconut transport pony over the mountains in Koh Pha Ngan. This deformed his hooves and he was taken to two elephant sanctuaries as a riding attraction. But the elephants were scared of him and he was continually tied to trees and neglected. He was finally bought after 2 years of gentle persuasion. He needs lots of care and medical attention and can be very naughty, last night escaping to the feed shelter and playing with Joey.


Phoenix is 8 years old and was born in the Sanctuary on  Koh Pha Ngan. His mum and dad were also rescued and have now been re-homed.  He loves attention and food and is a very funny character.



Sandy who is 14 was rescued with her brother on  Koh Pha Ngan  as broken racehorses. She was used for trekking and came to the sanctuary in such a bad condition that it took a year of nutritional feeding  to regain some weight and much medication to rebuild her hooves. She is very beautiful, as they all are and a bit of a madam, whose boyfriend, you guessed it Fullmoon, never leaves her side.



Now that you have an idea of who is who let us tell you about things that have happened.

Firstly we had run out of water and had to invest in a water tank, since the weather has been so hot and the natural supply ran out. The roof  of the shelter that we previously did some fundraising for has broken from falling coconuts and will need replacing and resusing, We have had to invest in expensive hay, nutritious food, various essential tools which had broken and food bins which had to be rat proof.

During some rain the ground became very wet and a very hard working crew from the local community answered our call and came to spend the day digging some channels to keep the water away and removing the  manure heap out of the main enclosure. This was an absolute marvel to have some person power and  ideas to move manure and dig non dangerous trenches. When it rains here it really rains.

Removing the manure has also now given us an opportunity to ask the community of keen gardeners to come and collect what they need and leave a donation of what they can afford. Obviously on Koh Samui many people have lost jobs, businesses and are financially in trouble, as is true for many people globally

We have encountered many obstacles, with hooves becoming infected, eye infection and maggots – ooooooh – and have been keeping an eye on all the ponies with daily checkups.

The ponies have gained weight due to eating proper expensive food,  which has become difficult to find at times.

To have had the privilege of working with these ponies has been such a beautiful journey – to see ponies that have been hurt, bullied, and malnourished  regain their health and confidence in a Tropical climate moves me to tears.

We now have 5 ponies, 1 Thoroughbred Horse and a very naughty foal who will be 9 months old in July.

I am happy to report that they are all healthy at the moment, but we will need funds to operate on the Thoroughbred Mare who has problems with her lady bits, hence maggots  and will need to castrate the foal so that he will be less aggressive but also so that he will not be able to make any other mares pregnant.


It has been one thing after another but we are getting there and your kind donations are so appreciated by the ponies and by the Sanctuary, which is also home to 15 dogs and fosters dogs too.


On average it takes 25000-30000 thb ($1,200-$1,500AUD) a month  to feed the ponies who eat 60 bales of Hay, 140kg Soy Meal, 200kg Rice Bran, 60kg Sugar beat and 80Kg of Alfalfa hay Pellets. As well as Water 1200thb ($60AUD) a month.

We have a few urgent projects which we need to put in place, firstly Sandy and Siouxy operations which will cost a  total of 49,000thb ($2,400AUD)   and a Thai worker to help to maintain the grounds and help build little shelters, create new enclosures etc which will cost 10,000thb ($500AUD)  a month.


There are other projects which we will keep you updated on but thank you all for your interest and donations to this much cherished Jungle Sanctuary.


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