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Sawan Maa: Happy Horse Sanctuary

Sabrina grew up in the countryside of Germany with lots of animals around. When she moved to Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand with her daughter she quickly found herself called to start rescuing dogs living in neglect on the island.
Horses and Ponies have long been her passion and she couldn’t turn a blind eye to the way horses were being treated on the island. First she rescued one pony that was tied by the side of the road in the heat without shelter or water and her group grew from there.
Sabrina and her daughter have since moved their troupe to Koh Samui but Sabrina still works and rescues on Koh Pha Ngan.
Sabrina funds her rescue work and sanctuary from her Business My Healthy me, but she is always short of money she is open to receiving donations of the following: Food, Money, Medication, Horse Equipment, fencing materials, dog and cat treatments.

Sawan Maa: Winners Circle

Did you know that Sawan Maa has an exclusive Winners Circle?
YOU can be a part of it!
Sawan Maa gives shelter to over 8 Ponies and Horses who have been rescued from a life of neglect and abuse.
To keep our sanctuary running, feed animals in need, and offer crucial veterinary care, we need 100 people to sponsor the Sanctuary for only 500THB per month ($16USD, €15, £13, $25AUD).
Such a small gift each month means we can keep the sanctuary running, keep the Horses happy and healthy.
With 100 people in our winners circle we will able to cover all the costs of running the shelter – buying food, veterinary care, a support worker, water and rent of the premises.
Will you make a difference in these Equines lives today?

Join the Sawan Maa Winners Circle.
Winners get exclusive updates on what is happening at the Sanctuary.
Exclusive invites to visit.
First options on tickets to events and fundraisers.
Thank you gifts and certificates.

Winners Joined
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Sawan Maa: Special Projects

New Enclosure:
We had built a Shelter for the ponies so that they could get shade or keep dry in the monsoon. This has proved to be invaluable but unfortunately we need to replace the roof, since the aluminium which was used has split and the shelter now leaks. We need to also put up guttering, dig  two small trenches so that when the rains come the shelter doesn’t  become wet. This is really important as some of the ponies are prone to thrush bacteria which attracts flys and becomes quickly infected. We are unable to lay any concrete down due to restrictions on the land that is leased therefore we need to buy some concrete slabs to help keep the shelter dry. We also need to buy some small concrete feeding bowls since the plastic ones we keep buying do not last very long.
Part of this project is to make two swing gates and a large gate at the top of the Sanctuary to keep everyone safe. The new enclosure, which is very lovely and leads down to the river has so far cost ฿10,000 ($476AUD)  which has been paid by Sabrina and totally wiped out our funds. We are expecting additional costs of ฿7,000 ($333AUD) to make the gates and ฿3,000 ($143AUD) for guttering etc. We will also need a truck load of sand to level the shelter and provide some drainage when the rains come. We estimate total costs of ฿20,000 ($952AUD).

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Part Time Worker:
We are seeking funding for a local grounds worker to maintain the enclosures. This has also become a priority due to Covid 19 and the inability to have volunteers come to the sanctuary. It has become increasingly difficult to clean up and maintain  two enclosures and 8 ponies. It is very physically challenging and Sabrina has a full time job running her business on Koh Phangnan (The profits form here fund the Sanctuary), her daughter Shania goes to school full time, and Steffi is only able to help out on certain mornings. The physical and nutritional needs of each equine takes a long time in itself to maintain and keep these beautiful ponies safe and well. A general worker would  take an enormous amount of physical pressure and emotional stress off the team.
The cost for a local worker to spend 6 hours a day working at the sanctuary caring for the equines and keeping things looking beautiful is ฿10,000 ($476AUD) a month.

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New Shelter/On Site Clinic:
When we replace the roof from the existing shelter, we want to re-use it to make a proper roof and buildings for keeping the food and equipment dry, a clinic for ponies who have become sick and  need to be separated away from the other ponies and kept dry. We also need to relocate and rebuild a more pony, rain proof hay-barn. These structures need to be built and maintained to stand the conditions we often face in the jungle.
With the help of a local worker or other local laborers we could rebuild a stronger area for our sick ponies and all the lovely nutritious food we store to keep them in the best of health. We estimate costs for this project at approximately ฿20,000 ($952AUD)

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Sawan Maa: Sponsorships

1st Place:

Covers all the running costs of the Sanctuary
Investment = ฿60,000 per month ($2,857AUD)

2nd Place:

Covers all food for the Sanctuary
Investment = ฿30,000 per month ($1,429AUD)

3rd Place:

Covering the workers wage & basic medical care
Investment = ฿15,000 per month ($714AUD)

All Sponsorship packs include:
• Monthly update on the sanctuary.
• Profile of the Sawan Maa team that you can use in your communications.
• Logo exposure on and link to your site.
• Monthly thank you post on our social media sites (Robs Dogs & Sawan Maa)
• Invitation to visit should any of your staff wish to tour the Sanctuary.
• Fully tax deductible in Australia & and the option to pay one year in full or to be invoiced monthly.

Sawan Maa: Updates

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