(Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release)
In September 2020 we launched the Samui CNVR project – This is a partnership between RDF and our friends at

This is a really important project targeting the islands HARD to catch dogs.
In 2017 Soi Dog Foundation visited Koh Samui & undertook a mass sterilization program, most of the islands dog population was sterilized. Unfortunately of course some got missed and given just ONE unsterilized female dog & her offspring can generate 67,000 dogs in 6 years we are now seeing an increase in dumped dogs and puppy litters island wide.
Dog overpopulation creates human – dog relation issues, and often results in abuse such as poisonings which we are currently seeing all across the island.
We know that elimination programs are not the solution to population control and the only ethical and humane way to tackle overpopulation issues is through sterilization.
We run two projects on Samui: Our Samui S&N program which sterilizes “easy” to catch dogs, we curtly sterilize a minimum of 15 animals per month in this program, and the CNVR program which aims to tackle the HARD to catch dogs, these are the dogs that are wild or only semi tame, can’t be touched by humans and are living and breeding new generations of dogs that can’t be touched by humans, thus creating an unending cycle of impossible to catch dogs. Some of the dogs we have caught in this program are dogs that have been prolific breeders and haven’t been able to be caught by any other animal welfare groups.
We use a variety of methods to catch these dogs, and it can take anywhere from hours to days to catch just one dog! Bearing in mind that just one unsterilized female dog can generate 67,000 puppies – its time very well spent.
First we survey the location where the dog is – to see if there are any areas we can trap the dog, we also ask if there are people living close who know the dog and can touch or feed the dog. If there is no possibility of this we look at different methods to catch the dog, we have a trapping cage, which isn’t often successful as street dogs are way too smart to just get in cage because there’s food in there.
The team will try using a noose pole or a net to catch the dog, we also try having sleepy stuff in the food, if none of these methods are applicable, as a last resort we will dart the dog.
This is a last resort because it is very expensive – the darts themselves are ฿700 ($32AUD) per dart, and while they can be reused, they often get bitten by dogs trying to pull them out or the dogs run away with the dart in them and we can’t find the dog again. Then we need to fill the dart with enough anesthetic to put the dog to sleep – this is also very expensive average cost is ฿200 ($9AUD) for a standard sized Thai dog. So just to dart a dog costs nearly ฿1000 ($45AUD) not counting the wages for the dart man or paying for the sterilizing.
We had a list of over 100 hard to catch dogs that we wanted to get done over the course of 6 months – we have been running this project for 3 months and have done 45 dogs so far – which is just amazing given how hard to catch some of the dogs on our list have been.
We have spent approximately ฿40,000 ($1,818AUD). We will need at least this much to get through the rest of our list.
To date this program has prevented the birth of 1,943,000 unwanted dogs on Koh Samui.
We are fully supported by donations to undertake this important project – If you would like to support it there are a few options:
1 – Donate via PayPal Charity (No fees) Rob’s Dogs Foundation
2 – Sign up for a Sterilization Subscription
3 – Buy a copy of our cookbook 100% of the $15 will go to sterilizing
4 – Buy something from our shop, 100% of Profits will go to sterilizing