We aim to fund-raise and disburse funds to groups rehabilitating sick/injured animals (mainly dogs) that have been abandoned, mistreated or homeless including groups that perform free sterilizations for street dogs, around the World.

Our activities will be primarily focused on the rehabilitation of sick/injured animals  that have been abandoned, mistreated or homeless including the sterilization of street dogs and dogs belonging to low income owners.

Our service is to fund various animal welfare groups around the world who are working to reduce the suffering of animals by providing short term or long term care to animals that are mistreated, abandoned or homeless. This includes emergency and ongoing medical care and running on the ground sterilization programs, to reduce the amount of dogs living on the streets without homes.

Community benefit is to low income dog owners and homeless animals in various locations around the world.

Why is Rob’s Dogs needed ? Most animal welfare groups work hands on with animals day in and day out, often they do not have time to worry about fundraising, marketing or administration. We aim to lighten their load by providing the financial and administrative support so that they can focus on their primary purpose of helping animals.  We feel focus should also be given to sterilization programs as PETA estimates that one un-sterilized female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in just six years. If we break the cycle of breeding with sterilization then less dogs are being born on the street to life of potential abuse and neglect.

Duration of our project while Rob’s estate is a limited amount of funds we plan to fundraise independently to enable us to continue our work on an ongoing basis.

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